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Public Engagement

Public Engagement describes the many ways that UCD's research, teaching and contributions to society are influenced by and shared with the public for mutual learning.

Spectrum of Public Engagement

At UCD, we have a vibrant community of researchers, educators and public engagement practitioners who participate in activities and initiatives in public engagement. Activities and programmes run by UCD and its members take place across the full spectrum of public engagement, from informing and inspiring through to consulting and collaborating.

If you are based in UCD and would like to join the Community of Practice, please visit the listserv - here - and subscribe. Note: you must have a UCD email address to subscribe.

Engaged Research
Engaged Research describes research approaches and methodologies which involve collaboration with publics and research stakeholders and which aim to improve, understand or investigate issues of public concern (IUA, 2016). Public research stakeholders include:

- Public or professional service and product users

- Government and policymakers – local, national and international

- Civil and civic society organisations, for example charities, patient advocates, local community group

Public Engagement
Public engagement creates the opportunity for people to exchange ideas and information and learn from each other. Public engagement:
- Develops institutional ambassadors and role models, thereby raising the profile of UCD academics nationally and internationally

- Develops the communication skills of UCD researchers and students

- Underpins the civic and civil responsibilities of the university by inviting various publics to experience its work and engage with its communities

- Contributes to addressing UCD's six research priorities in Agri-food, Culture, Economy and Society, Energy, Environment, Health and ICT, through collaboration, co-production and involvement with multiple stakeholders and diverse audiences.