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Submission Deadlines & Dates

Submission Deadlines & Ethics Review Dates

Full Ethics Review only

HREC and AREC Meeting Dates and Deadlines for submissions for 2023-24 are detailed below.

The AREC dates are at the bottom of this page and also available on the (opens in a new window)AREC Intranet.

Please note the following:

  • there is a strict deadline date (see below) for the receipt of your application form - you are advised to submit early as there will be no opportunity to correct any errors beyond the deadline date;
  • submissions for full review should be submitted online via SISweb/Infohub - not by email;
  • there is a limit of 10 submissions per committee per month - submit early;
  • it is the researcher's responsibility to ensure that their submission is on the latest version of the application form  - from this website only - click here;
  • submissions should include the correct supporting documents (HREC Only:  include the HREC Support Document Template).

The deadline dates for submitting applications to either the HRECs or the AREC are usually 14-16 days in advance of the meeting - this allows for the processing of the submission and the time required to carry out the review by committee.

PLEASE NOTE: submissions received at the last minute on incorrect or incomplete forms, or after the deadline, will be returned to the applicant - no exceptions. Researchers, and where applicable, supervisors, are responsible for the quality of their submissions.



HREC Review Dates

HREC - Sciences (LS) meet on the second Wednesday of the month.

HREC - Humanities (HS) meet on the second Thursday of the month

The following shows the deadline for submissions for the review in the month indicated:

Month of Review                           LS Deadline          HS Deadline

(Meeting dates for LS/HS in brackets)

September (06/07):                            Closed         

October (11/12):                                  Closed

November (08/09):                            Closed

December (13/14):                             Closed

January (17/18/2024):                     Closed

February (14/08):                              Closed              

March (13/14):                                    Closed

April (10/11):                                       25/03 closing at 5pm

May (08/09):                                       22/04 closing at 5pm

June (12/13):                                       27/05 closing at 5pm

July (10/11):                                        24/06 closing at 5pm

There are some months where meeting dates may need to be changed and this will be indicated here.

AREC Review Dates

AREC meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

The following shows the deadline for submissions for the review in the month indicated:

Month of review AREC Submission Deadline (5pm) AREC Meeting Date
September Closed
6th September 2023
October Closed
4th October 2023
November Closed
1st November 2023
December Closed
6th December 2023
January Closed
17th January 2024
February  Closed
7th February 2024
March  Closed
6th March 2024
April 18th March 2024
3rd April 2024
May 15th April 2024
1st May 2024
June 20th May 2024
5th June 2024
July 17th June 2024
3rd July 2024

    For further information about submitting to the AREC please visit the (opens in a new window)AREC Intranet

All of the above dates are subject to change but any changes will be posted here.

There are no reviews in August.

Contact UCD Office of Research Ethics

UCD Research, Tierney Building, Belfield, Dublin 4.
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