Irish Aid Scholars

Irish Aid (Ireland's official overseas development programme) currently funds four fellowship schemes. Under all schemes, fellowships are awarded for full-time study at Masters or Postgraduate Diploma level, with a focus on courses that are relevant to Irish Aid's development objectives in each of its partner countries.

Some former Irish Aid Fellows who have studied at the School are profiled here:

Eunice Tumwebaze

Eunice Tumwebaze from Uganda received an Irish Aid Fellowship to undertake an MSc in Equality Studies at UCD. She took study leave from her role as Principal Community Development Officer at Mbarara Municipal where she heads the Community Based Services Department.

Reflecting on her first semester of studies Eunice said: "This course has helped develop my critical thinking and analysis skills. I feel more empowered. Doing Equality Studies is teaching me some of the politics of why certain groups are left out, often with excuses of no funding, and who is in charge, who has the power and then I’m asking how can I empower my communities better, how can I inform my communities what they are entitled to? When I go back I must take key sections in our constitution and sensitise my communities to what the constitution says; that people do have rights. My role is to say ‘Look at how services are being delivered to you. Are you satisfied?’ Can we lobby more for the widows to be looked after better, for the children to be heard in a different way, for the HIV positive people to get better services? That’s why I chose this course and I think I’m moving in that direction. I’m challenged but I'm convinced this is the right way to go."

Daphne Nawa Chimuka

Mrs Daphne Nawa Chimuka is a dedicated development worker and educationalist with over 25 years of progressive experience in management of public and civil society organisations.

She has over the past 14 years successfully headed the Forum for African Women Educationalists, Zambia Chapter, (FAWEZA) which has led to significant contributions to Zambia’s recorded achievements in eliminating gender disparities in education, and motivated communities to take action against socio-cultural barriers that hinder the full participation of girls in education. She has vast experience and knowledge in her chosen field having previously worked as a head teacher and rose to the position of education officer for Lusaka. She has a Master of Science degree in Equality Studies from the University of Dublin in Ireland focusing on Egalitarian Theory and Practice, Sociology of Inequality, Discrimination Law, Equality and the Media, International Human Rights Law, Women and Armed Conflict, and Economics of Inequality. She also studied Education Management Training at the University of Zambia and holds a Secondary School Teachers’ Diploma from Nkrumah Secondary Teachers’ college.