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Gamma-ray Detectors Theme Lead and C-Space Co-Proposer: Assoc Prof Sheila McBreen

Assoc Prof Sheila McBreen

Sheila McBreen is an Associate Professor in the School of Physics and C-Space Co-Proposer. She completed her PhD in in astrophysics and after graduation she worked as Research Fellow in the European Space Agency (ESA) in The Netherlands and the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial physics in Germany. Her interests include gamma-ray bursts, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, developing instrumentation for the next generation gamma-ray space mission and more recently, Earth observation applications.  She is a member of the NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor and EIRSAT-1 teams. She was recently awarded a Science Foundation Ireland Career Development Award.  Additionally, she was co-founder and CTO of Parameter Space Ltd, a UCD spin-out company working on European Space Agency contracts.  She is currently the principal investigator of a Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland award in the area of wind energy.

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