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UCD Strategy 2015-2020

Straitéis 2015-2020

Our Vision for 2020

Our vision for 2020 is that:

UCD will be a preeminent, diverse and inclusive scholarly community of students, faculty and staff who, while contributing to the development of Ireland, have global standing, understanding and impact. UCD will continue to be an excellent research-intensive university, where a comprehensive suite of strong disciplines forms the foundation for high quality interdisciplinary research, scholarship and innovation. Through this combination of world-leading disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, we will vigorously tackle significant global issues and challenges.

Our graduates will be imbued with a knowledge of the past, and will be capable of critically interrogating the present and of imagining the future. Through a holistic student-focused and research-led educational experience which has both breadth and depth, they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes they need to flourish in present and future Irish and global societies.

Highly engaged locally, nationally and internationally, UCD will be known around the world as Ireland's Global University. As such, we will be truly global in our comprehensive range of disciplines, in the reach and impact of our research and innovation, in our holistic educational experience, in the diversity of our University community, in our engagement with all sectors of society and with all regions of the world, and in the quality and extent of our campus and facilities. We will be distinctive in our agility, innovativeness, commitment to justice, inclusiveness and friendliness. We will bring the best of the world to Ireland, and the best of Ireland, including its distinct cultures, to the world.

To achieve this vision we will pursue ten key objectives

1. Increase the quality, quantity and impact of our research, scholarship and innovation.
2. Provide an educational experience that defines international best practice.
3. Consolidate and strengthen our disciplines.
4. Conduct strong interdisciplinary research and education in important areas of national and global need.
5. Attract and retain an excellent and diverse cohort of students, faculty and staff

Build our engagement locally, nationally and internationally

7. Develop and strengthen our University community.

Further develop world-class facilities to support the vision.


Adopt governance, management and budgetary structures which enable the vision.


Overcome financial, human resource management and other external constraints.

In pursuing these key objectives we will undertake six major strategic initiatives


Tackling global challenges


Engaging globally


Defining educational excellence


Building partnerships


Reimagining our campus


. Increasing agility and effectiveness

We expect that success in achieving our vision will see us solidly in the world top 100 universities by 2020.

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