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What other Supports are available to me

Student Counselling

The UCD Student Counselling Service is a confidential service available to all registered students, free of charge. The aim of the service is to provide easily accessible professional psychological support to assist students with personal challenges that affect their lives as University students.

Student Advisers

The UCD Student Advisory Service is a point of contact, support and referral for all UCD students throughout their studies. Every academic programme in UCD has a dedicated Student Adviser who offers students time and space to explore issues of concern to them. The Student Advisers can assist students in finding pathways to deal with personal, social and emotional issues and can advise of appropriate UCD policies, procedures and services. Student Advisers work closely with academic and administrative staff as well as with the other student support staff to ensure that each student’s experience at UCD is as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. You will find useful and relevant links within the student advisers website for financial, academic, wellbeing supports available to you.

"Sort Your Life Out and Thrive" Module

sort your life out an thrive
This is a 10-week module open to any UCD student who is interested in self-reflection and personal development. The aim is to develop knowledge and skills to support your wellbeing. More information is availablehere

"Mindfulness for Health" Module

mindfulness for health module
This module introduces students to the concept and practice of mindfulness in the context of personal and professional care. Students will understand the evidence for mindfulness based interventions in the reduction of stress and burnout. Students will be guided in the cultivation and establishment of a personal mindfulness practice.  More information is availablehere.

" Wellbeing and Work" Module

This module will emphasise the individual’s wellbeing as a starting point for organisational and societal wellbeing using practices which can help build resilience and strengthen personal resources to manage and respond to challenges as experienced in everyday life, including the work setting, in a more skilful way. More information is availablehere.

Information on supports and services external to UCD, including crisis supports, can be found on the (opens in a new window)HSE Your Mental Health website.

UCD Chaplaincy

The UCD Chaplaincy Team offers student support, pastoral care, spiritual direction and the opportunity to be part of a community of understanding, respect and dialogue. Feel free to get in touch if you are having a personal problem that you need to talk about, are facing challenging circumstances that you need help with or want to find out more about any of our events. The Chaplaincy are available to support people from all denominations and religions and to students from all faiths and none. 

Student Union Welfare Officer

The Student Union and the welfare Officer are there to support students in whatever difficulty they may be experiencing.  The Welfare Officer is there for students with financial problems, health issues, or just a casual place to knock in with a query. There is help in the form of Welfare Funds, referrals, and generally useful information. Visit the UCDSU Welfare web page here for more information.  (opens in a new window)https://www.ucdsu.ie/

Healthy UCD

Healthy UCD is working hard to create a culture supportive of healthy choices for students and staff at UCD and to raise awareness of individuals' capacity to improve their own health status. The Healthy UCD vision is to be recognised as a global health promoting university where students, faculty and staff, and the local community work together to ensure the holistic health and wellbeing of every member of the UCD community.

UCD Health and Wellbeing Collection

University life can sometimes be challenging. That’s why the UCD Student Health Service and the UCD Library Service have put together a collection of books on a wide range of topics around personal health and well-being. 

(opens in a new window)Health & Wellbeing Collection  Whether you’re interested in managing stress and learning some new relaxation techniques, or having more difficult mental heath issues, there are books here that can help. 

Services Available in the Student Centre Building

The Student Centre building has a range of services and facilities available for Students, please see the links below for further information

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are students who have completed their first or second year and trained to become a mentor . A mentor is a guide who assists people who are undergoing transition. Having gone through such experiences themselves, mentors share with others what they have learned and offer advice and support throughout the process. Over time, and with the mentor’s help, a mentee develops a greater understanding of the challenges facing them and gains confidence in their own ability to deal with new experiences.

Student Services - Comprehensive list of services for Current Students Sorted alphabetically

UCD has a number of additional support services outside of the above mentioned to help you on your journey through college. The aim of these services is to help you stay focused on your studies by providing support networks to assist you with the non-academic side of your life. Whether you need help in a social setting, for your health, or because you simply need someone to chat too, the University's support services can help you during your time spent with us. For quick links to many student support services or if you need immediate help click here

Unicare Emergency on campus support 7999

Phone Unicare Emergency line if you are worried about your safety on campus

(opens in a new window)http://ucdestates.ie/unicare/
UNICARE is a community approach to promote the personal safety of all students, staff and visitors of University College Dublin as well as the wider UCD community through awareness, active partnership and prevention.


UCD Help has a range of options for helping UCD students

UCD Student Desk

The Student Desk can help you with a wide range of queries. You can drop into them on the ground floor of the Tierney building, phone, use their chatbot or send them a message through the Connector. Some of the topics you can ask them about are :
Visit the Student Desk website here

UCD Residences

For information and and support for student living in UCD

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Supports

This unit in UCD provides support and advice in dealing with equality and diversity matters.

UCD University for ALL / Access and Lifelong Learning

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning's primary function is to be the bridge to inclusion; offering connections, engagement and building relationships between communities that are distant from higher education and the University community. Visit UCD Access & Lifelong Learning's web page here: https://www.ucd.ie/openingworlds/

UCD Dignity and Respect Support Service

UCD Dignity and Respect supports provides a range of trained employees (internal and external) to support you should you experience any issues of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct

Academic Specific Supports Colleges & Schools

Your College/School Office supports you from Orientation through to Graduation and is your first point of contact for student queries. Explore all colleges & schools here.

UCD Writing Centre

UCD Writing Centre provides free, one-to-one tuition and a range of workshops on all aspects of the writing process. Visit the UCD Writing Centre web page here.

UCD Maths Support Centre

The UCD Maths Support Centre (MSC) aims to enhance your knowledge of mathematics and guide you to becoming a more self-directed learner. Visit the UCD Maths Support Centre web page here.

UCD Library

The UCD library, composed of five separate bodies, has varied ranges of digital and printed books on a wide range of topics. Namely architecture, arts and humanities, business studies, engineering, law, medicine, science, social sciences and veterinary medicine. Visit the UCD Library web page here.

Silver Cloud On line Help

SilverCloud is a flexible, effective and easy to use online mental health support system that all UCD students have access to. SilverCloud grants students secure and immediate access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (opens in a new window)https://ucd.silvercloudhealth.com/signup/

Health Matters App

The 'Student Health Matters' app enables students in Ireland to access safe, evidence-based and reliable health information instantly at the touch of a button – all in one place.

(opens in a new window)Apple and (opens in a new window)Android.

Rather than googling their health questions, which can be unreliable and confusing, students can now access trusted health information and links to many useful websites in seconds.


Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling socially or just not feeling like yourself?

togetherall is a safe, anonymous,  online community for mental health support which is now free to all UCD students.  Register (opens in a new window)here to join the togetherall community.

Credible Mental Health online information and support

Please find a list of credible links for information and advice about any mental issues you may be experiencing.

Below please find a series of videos from GP's and Pharmacists that has been compiled by the HSE in their Under the Weather umbrella. These videos provide safe practical advice to you on how to look after yourself through common illness like coughs, colds, rashes, fevers, sore throats, earaches or tummy bugs.

(opens in a new window)Fighting the Flu?

(opens in a new window)Coping with a cold?

(opens in a new window)Taming a temperature?

(opens in a new window)Soothing a sore throat?

(opens in a new window)Tackling a tummy bug?

(opens in a new window)Relieving a rash?

(opens in a new window)Easing an earache?

(opens in a new window)Ask your pharmacist?

Contraceptive Choices ?

Find more information and advice on health conditions from (opens in a new window)the HSE.

A lot of everyday illnesses like colds, coughs or sore throats don’t need an antibiotic. Find out how you can treat them at home and when to get help here with a helpful guide from (opens in a new window)the HSE.

Contact UCD Student Health Service

Student Health Service, Student Centre, University College Dublin, Dublin 4
T: +353 1 716 3134 | Location Map(opens in a new window)