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Sugar Tax Experimental Study

NOTE: This section is subject to change. Please do not download any materials from this section, until the start of the second 13-week programme.

Under the guidance of experienced researchers, participants in this programme will act as citizen scientists, creating educational/persuasive messages, via posters (see poster creation link below), to encourage a reduction of SSB consumption, as well as administering surveys designed to capture the socio-environmental information at a micro level (at home and in school) and psychological factors that influence the consumption of SSBs. Furthermore, this study will also aim to educate parents of students about specific health issues associated with SSB consumption, while providing information on how to response to these threats and ways to reduce consumption.

All background information and study materials can be found below. For full information on how to conduct this study, please access and read the "Sugar Tax Experimental study" PDF link below.

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