Founded in 2008, the UCD Centre for War Studies promotes a wide range of international research activities focused on the origins, nature, and consequences of all war-related violence from ancient times to the present day.

Photo of a soldier in the Balkans. Photo of Hitler in front of the Eiffel Tower. Photo of a classical war sculpture. British stamp featuring Winston Churchill.

An interdisciplinary research institution based at University College Dublin, the Centre for War Studies aims to develop new research projects in partnership with other research institutions around the globe. Since its foundation, the Centre has attracted research grants from various national and international agencies such as the Irish Research Council (IRC), the European Research Council (ERC) and the Gerda-Henkel Foundation in Germany. We have also hosted a number of Marie Curie Actions.

The Centre builds upon the existing research interests of a substantial number of staff members in the schools of History, Sociology, and Politics and also serves as a forum for graduate students and early career researchers working on the history of war and interpersonal violence. The Centre prides itself on its international complexion and past and current postodctoral fellows and PhD students have come from the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, Serbia, the US and the UK, Spain, Italy and Russia. The Centre currently hosts seven funded postdoctoral researchers.

Gerda-Henkel Foundation Project
Non-Germans in the Waffen-SS: A Cultural History

Gerda-Henkel Foundation Project

This project seeks to close a remarkable gap in the historiography of World War II: it will investigate the causes, realities, and consequences of international collaboration within arguably the most extreme multi-ethnic fighting force of the time: the Waffen-SS and its locally recruited police auxiliary formations. ‌

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Forthcoming Events: Annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture with Sir Richard Evans 16th February 2021

The Hitler Conspiracies by Sir Richard J. Evans


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