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MA ¦ International War Studies ¦ Potsdam ¦ Dublin

Masters in International War Studies 

The MA in International War Studies is a two-year, dual programme offered by UCD School of History and the University of Potsdam whereby students will spend the first year of the course at the University of Potsdam and their second year at UCD. This programme builds on long-standing research collaboration between the two universities.

This programme enables students to:

  • Acquire a comprehensive and advanced knowledge of the main areas of the history of war in the twentieth century
  • Recognise and appreciate the many ways in which the history of war has been written and analysed. Identify appropriate and authentic sources for the history of war
  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of basic analytical techniques and theoretical issues in the field of war studies
  • Abstract and analyse information from a range of sources, including lectures, seminars, archival and library holdings, the internet and fieldwork, identifying those ideas or findings which are most significant for their research
  • Learn to self evaluate and take responsibility for continuing academic and or professional development
  • Experience two different academic cultures (in Germany and Ireland, taking advantage of the rich cultural offerings in Dublin, Potsdam and nearby Berlin

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