15-17 June

Dancing around belligerency: Spanish-German Relations during World War II

Keynote speaker: Aristotle Kallis. Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Lancaster University.

World War II has had an everlasting effect on recent history, on how we understand Europe, and what we consider necessary to build stable democratic societies. The Spanish case is a great example of how the war had a serious impact not only over primary contenders but non-belligerent nations. The conference will explore the dynamics established between Spain and Germany in the midst of World War II, contributing to a better understanding of the political, economic, cultural and military history of the conflict. It will be an opportunity to internationalize discussion on the topic, as recent conferences and edited books on the subject have rarely included the work of scholars written from an international vantage point, favouring a narrow perspective only concerned with national history. By bringing together experts with very different backgrounds, the conference will provide an opportunity to place the question of German-Spanish relations within the broader context of the history of World War II and conflict in general.

This conference is funded by the Journal of Contemporary History, the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, UCD Seed Funding, and UCD College of Arts and Humanities.


Wednesday 15th June: Screening of The Basque Swastika at the Cervantes Institute Dublin. Screening courtesy of Esrec Productions.

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th June: Humanities Institute (University College Dublin).

Click here to download the Dancing around belligerency Final program