Staff Research Interests

Martin Brady, PhD (Bristol): Augustan poetry, esp. Ovid, and the ancient epic tradition.

Jo Day, PhD (TCD): Aegean Bronze Age archaeology, Greek archaeology, early ceramic technology, iconography, palaeoethnobotany and ancient gardens, rating and drinking in antiquity, sensory and experiential archaeology, ancient perfume production and use.

Helen Dixon, PhD (Cantab): transmission and reception of Latin literature (especially in the fifteenth-century), Latin palaeography, history of classical scholarship. 

Aude Doody, PhD (Cantab): Ancient Scientific and Medical Writing, Pliny the Elder, History of Encyclopaedism, Classical Reception, Ancient Technical Writing, Roman Historiography.

Philip de Souza, PhD (London): Greek and Roman social and economic history, esp. warfare and piracy.

Christina Haywood, PhD (Liverpool): Greek Bronze Age and Early Iron Age; the archaeology of the Ionian Islands; archaeological fieldwork.

Michael Lloyd,  DPhil (Oxon): Greek epic and drama; sociolinguistic approaches to Greek literature, esp. politeness theory; Irish versions of Greek tragedy.

Andrew Smith, PhD (Hull), MRIA: Ancient Philosophy, esp. Neoplatonism.

Alexander Thein, PhD (Univ. of Pennsylvania): Roman Archaeology, esp. the topography of the city of Rome; Roman Republican History, esp. the Sullan Dictatorship.

Theresa Urbainczyk, PhD (Birmingham): Historiography, slavery, social and economic history.