Katie Mishler

School: English, Drama and Film

Supervisor: Professor Margaret Kelleher

Joycean Ingenuities: An Intertextual Reading of James Joyce's Relationship to the Nineteenth Century

This project seeks to delineate a hitherto neglected network of creative genealogieswithin the oeuvre of James Joyce by effectively unearthing the roots of his aesthetic andthematics within nineteenth-century writing of Ireland and England. The topic of each ofthe three main chapters of the project focuses on the textual and thematic interrelationsbetween a specific work by Joyce and that of another author while charting thedevelopment of Joyce’s writing across the span of his career, specifically: the Victorianghost story collection In A Glass Darkly, written by the Anglo-Irish Gothic writer andbarrister Sheridan Le Fanu, and Joyce’s short-story collection Dubliners; CharlesDickens’ Victorian novel Bleak House and Ulysses; and the postmodern tendencies of thetranslator and occasional Irish nationalist poet James Clarence Mangan and FinnegansWake.

Funding Information: Funded under an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship.