Post-doctoral Research

We value the presence, and contribution, of Postdoctoral Research Fellows to the academic life, research and teaching culture of the School. Postdoctoral Fellows bring high-impact, academic excellence to the School, in that they are research-intensive, have developed expertise in their fields and publish in leading international peer-reviewed journals, all contributing to the ambitions of the School to be a centre of excellence in archaeological research. The School appreciates that Postdoctoral Fellows are advanced researchers and will support them accordingly.

For further information please contact Dr Jessica Smyth,

Contact details for the current Postdoctoral Fellows representative: Dr Ben

UCD Archaeology Postdoctoral Policy and GuidelinesPDF|

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The School is always happy to discuss postdoctoral work with prospective researchers. We have an excellent track record of collaboration leading to successful grant applications we also regulularly have projects for which funding is already secured and for which post-doctoral fellows are required.

Moving to a new institution and often a new country can be a challenge. In this section we provide some useful links to things that may help you in that transition. You are also encouraged to read the UCD School of Archaeology Postgraduate Guidelines.

New to UCD?

Coming from abroad?

Please take into account: