Studying Undergraduate Archaeology

Why study with us?

UCD School of Archaeology is a friendly and exciting place to study. Archaeology is a fascinating subject that can inspire passionate interest and a life-long curiosity about the past. Students of archaeology catch tantalising glimpses of vanished cultures and societies that were very different from our own. They gain a sense of the extraordinary diversity of human experience and knowledge. Archaeology is also about the present. Ancient places and objects are frequently used as the basis of modern identities and surviving archaeological remains are the focus of debate between conservationists and developers. Ireland’s thriving heritage tourism industry relies heavily on the advances made by archaeology.

From 2018-2019 you can study archaeology by following a number of new pathways these are summarised here >>

Further information, such as entry requirements, can be found as part of the online prospectus and MyUCD

Pathways to studying archaeology @ UCDPDF| Archaeology - DN700 BSc Social SciencePDF| Landscapes and Society - DN700 BSc Social SciencePDF| Full 2018-2019 Social Science ProspectusPDF|