International Students

UCD School of Archaeology is Ireland’s leading centre for archaeological research and teaching, offering undergraduate and graduate education programs focusing on Irish, British, European, Mediterranean and World archaeology. The School’s academic staff are international leaders in their fields, directing exciting, multidisciplinary research projects across prehistory, medieval and historical archaeology, landscape archaeology, object studies, experimental archaeology, and archaeological sciences such as geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology and ancient DNA. UCD School of Archaeology’s undergraduate archaeology program is Ireland’s largest and most diverse, it exploits the School’s expertise across these many topics and periods, as well as its location in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, a hub for the nation’s cultural institutions, museums and cultural heritage bodies. We are recognised internationally as being a friendly, welcoming School and are very popular with our students. We are located in a youthful, vibrant and exciting European city, and are within easy reach of many of Ireland’s leading tourist attractions.

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