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What is this Structured Elective about?

The Structured Elective in Archaeology introduces you to the investigation of past societies from their material remains.  It offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the full span of human existence across the world, from the distant past to the modern day. The modules which form this structured elective draw upon a range of multidisciplinary approaches. You will learn to apply these to study multiple different sources of evidence from ancient manuscripts to the scientific analysis of plants, animals, and materials.

Why should I take this Structured Elective?

Archaeology is an exciting discipline that uniquely enables us to reveal the astonishing diversity of human culture and societies. It is unique as a subject because it combines both the arts and the sciences, as well as book-based study with practical work outside. This blend of arts and sciences means that, whatever your interests, there will be something for you to discover by studying archaeology. Not everyone who studies this subject ends up being an ‘archaeologist’ but the skills and approaches we teach are useful in many walks of life. Archaeology is very much about teamwork and at its best involves the collaboration between people (other archaeologists and people in other disciplines).

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?

The Structured Elective in Archaeology provides an opportunity for you to develop your understanding of the human past alongside your main programme of study. If you have taken an Archaeology module, you can continue your interest through a coherent block of modules designed to complement your core degree.  As well as enabling an exciting intellectual quest to understand the past, our modules aim to develop a wide range of transferable skills like critical thinking and communication which are valued in many careers, but will also benefit the rest of your studies in UCD.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

To earn this Structured Elective, you must take the specified modules in or after 2020/21 as Electives and not as Core or Option modules.

Over the course of your undergraduate studies,  you will have the opportunity to take elective modules in each year of your programme, so if you wish to undertake this Structured Elective in Archaeology, you must ensure that at least three of your elective choices (15 credits) are from the list of modules below. It is recommended that modules are taken in the order of level 1, level 2, level 3.

Students who successfully complete 15 credits in Archaeology will have this automatically noted on their final UCD degree transcript. The transcript will state that you have completed 'Structured Elective in Archaeology’, in addition to your main degree subjects.





Exploring Archaeology


(opens in a new window)ARCH10160

The Human Past


(opens in a new window)ARCH20510

Archaeology of Landscapes


(opens in a new window)ARCH20570

Cultural Heritage


(opens in a new window)ARCH20600

Archaeological Science


(opens in a new window)ARCH30500

Experiment Arch & Ancient Tech


(opens in a new window)ARCH10050

Intro Archaeology of Ireland


(opens in a new window)ARCH10150

Anthropology: an introduction


(opens in a new window)ARCH20610

Historical Archaeology


(opens in a new window)ARCH20620

People in Prehistory



How Archaeologists Think 5


Combat Archaeology 5


Southeast & Asian Archaeology 5


Roman Art & Archaeology 10


Archaeology of Things 5


Archaeology of Collapse 5


Medieval Buildings: An Arch 10


Minoan Archaeology 10

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