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Workshops 2009-10

Workshops 2009-10

History, Digestion and Society: New Perspectives
University College, Dublin,
30 April – 1 May 2010

Diet and digestion, and associated topics, have been relatively neglected in histories of the body, health and medicine. We have a limited historical context in which to locate the diseases and ailments of the digestive system, such as dyspepsia or peptic ulcer disease, not to mention processes such as vomiting. Meanwhile, historical analysis of issues related to food and eating often reveals a tendency to stress the political elements of historical events at the expense of the biological and medical. Topics such as hunger strikes, and the rise of organised movements such as the Temperance movement and organised vegetarianism have complex medical and biological aspects which are worthy of serious analytical attention. This workshop acted as a platform to discuss and critically engage with these themes.

Medicine, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
University Of Ulster (Belfast Campus),
26 March 2010

This workshop brought together postgraduates and early-career researchers who are working on various aspects of medical history in Britain and Ireland in the early modern period to discuss on-going research, archival sources, and to develop research networks.

The Transmission and Communication of Medical Knowledge and Services 1750-1900: The Medical Marketplace in the Modern Period
5-6 March 2010

Organised by Catherine Cox (University College Dublin) and Hilary Marland (University of Warwick) This two-day workshop explored the medical marketplace in the modern period, particularly the transmission, communication and exchange of medical knowledge and services in regional, national and global settings.

Adolescence in Modern Irish History
University College Dublin
30 January 2010

Organised by Susannah Riordan (School of History and Archives, UCD) and Catherine Cox (Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, School of History and Archives, UCD) this one day workshop brought together scholars working on different aspects of the history of adolescence in modern Ireland with a view to sharing their insights and promoting this important theme. One of the purposes of the workshop was to achieve a satisfactory definition of adolescence in historical context.

Psychiatry, Politics and Society in Twentieth Century Ireland and Britain
University College Dublin
4 December 2009

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