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Workshops 2012-13

Workshops 2012-13

Institutions and the History of Health and Healing
23-24 November 2012

The history of institutions continues to attract robust scholarly debate among historians, sociologists and criminologists, as groups of scholars approach records using different methodologies and resources. In spite of this interest, scholars have often failed to step outside disciplinary boundaries when interrogating institutional records. This workshop brought together postgraduates, early career and established researchers from the disciplines of history of medicine, economics, criminology and archival studies to interrogate key questions opened up by these records. Workshop participants discussed a range of methodological approaches to the study of the history of health and healing in various institutional settings with the aim of improving collective understandings of the efficacy of different quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Medicine, Health and Irish Experiences of War, 1914-45
UCD, 6 and 7 September 2012
Convenors: Dr Ian Miller and David Durnin
Host: Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, UCD.

This two-day workshop explored Irish medical and health experiences during the First World War and Second World War (or the ‘Emergency’). As well as assessing the physical, mental and emotional impact of conflict on Irish political and social life, the event examined medical, scientific and official interventions in Irish health. A key aim of the workshop was to identify the key issues and concerns relating to Irish health and well-being in both periods of conflict. To facilitate this, a number of core questions were posed: to what extent were Irish medical and health experiences unique in comparison to other European countries? Did the financial exigencies of war impact detrimentally on Irish health care provision? How were the psychological and emotional responses to war and grief managed in Ireland? Did the disruption of First World War have lasting implications for interwar health care? What role did Irish medical communities have on the battlefield? And what can be learnt by comparing Irish medical and health experiences in both wars?

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