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Title Year
(opens in a new window)Real-time accurate detection of wind turbine downtime-An Irish perspective 2021
P Mucchielli, B Bhowmik, B Ghosh, V Pakrashi
Renewable Energy
(opens in a new window)Using measured rotation on a beam to detect changes in its structural condition 2021
C McGeown, F Huseynov, D Hester, P McGetrick, EJ Obrien, V Pakrashi
Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance 6 (3), 159-166
(opens in a new window)Can we improve short-term wind power forecasts using turbine-level data? A case study in Ireland 2021
JMG Sopeña, V Pakrashi, B Ghosh
2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, 1-6
(opens in a new window)Estimation of the dynamic amplification factor at backfill soil behind a gravity wall 2021
M Joseph, S Banerjee, V Pakrashi
Geotechnical Research 40 (XXXX), 1-13
(opens in a new window)Physical Modelling of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations for TRL (Technology Readiness Level) Studies 2021
S Bhattacharya, D Lombardi, S Amani, M Aleem, G Prakhya, S Adhikari, ...
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (6), 589
(opens in a new window)Flexible amino acid-based energy harvesting for structural health monitoring of water pipes 2021
F Okosun, S Guerin, M Celikin, V Pakrashi
Cell Reports Physical Science 2 (5), 100434
(opens in a new window)Dynamic Response Equivalence of a Scaled Bridge Model Due to Vehicular Movement 2021
P Cahill, V Pakrashi
18th International Probabilistic Workshop: IPW 2020 153, 293
(opens in a new window)Gaussian mixture models for site-specific wind turbine power curves 2021
B Srbinovski, A Temko, P Leahy, V Pakrashi, E Popovici
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of …
(opens in a new window)Identifying damage in a bridge by analysing rotation response to a moving load 2021
C McGeown, F Huseynov, EJ O’Brien, V Pakrashi, D Hester, P McGetrick
Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Life-Cycle Sustainability and …
(opens in a new window)Comparison of Response Amplitude Operator Curve Generation Methods for Scaled Floating Renewable Energy Platforms in Ocean Wave Basin 2021
D O’Donnell, J Murphy, V Pakrashi
ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control 1 (2), 021012
(opens in a new window)Challenges around climate resilient road and rail infrastructure management through structural health monitoring 2021
V Pakrashi, J Matos, E OBrien
Life-Cycle Civil Engineering: Innovation, Theory and Practice, 1229-1236
(opens in a new window)Damping estimation of a pedestrian footbridge–an enhanced frequency-domain automated approach 2021
B Bhowmik, B Hazra, M O’Byrne, B Ghosh, V Pakrashi
Journal of Vibroengineering 23 (1), 14-25
(opens in a new window)Re-deployable sensors for modal estimates of bridges and detection of damage-induced changes in boundary conditions 2021
MA Khan, DP McCrum, EJ OBrien, C Bowe, D Hester, PJ McGetrick, ...
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 1-15
(opens in a new window)Decomposition-Based Hybrid Models for Very Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting 2021
JMG Sopeña, V Pakrashi, B Ghosh
Engineering Proceedings 5 (1), 39
(opens in a new window)A dynamic harmonic regression approach for bridge structural health monitoring 2021
T Buckley, V Pakrashi, B Ghosh
Structural Health Monitoring, 1475921720981735
(opens in a new window)Ranking and rating bicycle helmet safety performance in oblique impacts using eight different brain injury models 2021
M Fahlstedt, F Abayazid, MB Panzer, A Trotta, W Zhao, M Ghajari, ...
Annals of biomedical engineering 49 (3), 1097-1109
(opens in a new window)Patient generated aerosol in the context of ophthalmic surgery 2021
R Anguita, N Brennan, CM Ramsden, M Mehat, D Keegan, R Cahill, ...
European Journal of Ophthalmology, 11206721211037823
(opens in a new window)Author response to: solving the problems of gas leakage at laparoscopy 2021
RA Cahill, J Dalli, K Nolan
British Journal of Surgery 108 (6), e229-e230
(opens in a new window)Operating airspace and breathing zone purification using a mobile air purifier in theatre 2021
N McInerney, MF Khan, K Nolan, RA Cahill
British Journal of Surgery
(opens in a new window)Airflow during clinical examinations with and without protective face masks 2021
N McInerney, C Gilligan, L Manojlovich, MF Khan, K Nolan, RA Cahill
British Journal of Surgery 108 (2), e77-e78
(opens in a new window)A parametric analysis of factors that determine head injury outcomes following equestrian fall accidents 2021
JM Clark, K Adanty, A Post, TB Hoshizaki, AN Annaidh, MD Gilchrist
International Journal of Crashworthiness 26 (3), 295-308
(opens in a new window)The effect of the scalp on the effectiveness of bicycle helmets' anti-rotational acceleration technologies 2021
D Zouzias, G De Bruyne, A Ní Annaidh, A Trotta, J Ivens
Traffic injury prevention 22 (1), 51-56
(opens in a new window)Post-accident evidence basis for new equestrian standards: Relationship between helmet liner residual crush and accident parameters 2021
TA Connor, JM Clark, M Stewart, AN Annaidh, MD Gilchrist
Applications in Engineering Science 6, 100044
(opens in a new window)The presence of Wormian bones increases the fracture resistance of equine cranial bone 2021
LA Zambrano M, D Kilroy, A Kumar, MD Gilchrist, A Ní Annaidh
PloS one 16 (4), e0249451

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