Pictured above: Catherine Nowlan Roebuck and Catriona Delaney

In late August 2018, the ConventCollections Team attended the ISCHE40 Annual Conference at Humboldt University. The theme of the conference was education and nature and of course the papers we presented at the event were heavily influenced by our research in convent school archives:

  • Deirdre Raftery, 'Convent schools, national identity and emancipation: the influcence of local and transnational contexts'
  • Catriona Delaney and Catherine Nowlan Roebuck, 'Culture and curriculum in Irish convent schools: Presentation education, 1850-1950’ 
  • Deirdre Raftery and Deirdre Bennett, '"A great builder": nineteenth century convents as sites of female enterprise, economic innovation and architectural ambition'