H-WRBI annual conference, June 2021

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid19 restrcitions it has not been possible for H-WRBI to proceed with their plans to host the annual face-to-face conference in UCD, Dublin in 2021. However, as this year marks an important milestone in the history of H-WRBI (20th anniversary), the steering committee have come together to orgnaise a special remote event. This year, a one day online event, H-WRBI Research Showcase 2021, will take place via Zoom on the afternoon of 25 June, and will be run in partnership with the Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham.

Further details of this event will be posted on the H-WRBI twitter account @H_WRBI

The H-WRBI annual conference will be held in conjunction with the ConventCollections Team in UCD in summer 2022.