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Oakmount Crèche is a purpose-built facility with child friendly environments which are age appropriate, bright, airy, challenging and are carefully laid out with “interest areas” for the children.  The centre has 2 large central spaces, the Middle area and the Magic room the children can use both areas daily.  When the weather condition do not allow us to go outside, these rooms are perfect for a change of scene.  These spaces are flooded with natural light, are bright and airy and are very popular with all the children.  These areas include, dress up, make believe areas, construction areas, wet & sand play areas and home corner areas.  The children may be shop-keepers one day, or astronauts the next! The world is their oyster as these environments are laid out in the manner so as to encourage, foster and support the following:

  1. Exploration & Experimentation
  2. Imagination
  3. Self expression, discovery and adaptation skills
  4. Encourage social development
  5. Encourage every aspect of development.

All furniture and equipment is the centre is age and stage appropriate. The environments are designed to consistently encourage each child’s individual development and potential.

The centre also has its own resident chef, where all dietary requirements are catered for. All of the children’s meals and snacks are prepared daily from fresh produce by our chef and are designed to be healthy and nutritional. The children’s menu includes food from all four main food groups. The daily and weekly menu is posted on the parent notice board and includes a variety of tastes and textures for the children to experience and explore.

Every crèche can boast about their internal environment, but few can do the same about their external environment.  In Oakmount Crèche, we are exceptionally fortunate.  Visualize an outdoor garden area that embraces the crèche, compliments it purpose and invites the children to explore and experience the natural world.  The Crèche is located in a beautiful woodland area that accentuates the large outdoor spaces that we have.  These spaces are age appropriate, expertly designed and laid with a colourful sponge like, soft surface.  The garden’s include a large sand pit, planting areas, slides, tunnels and a “secret garden” together with limitless space for designated play areas for bikes and trikes.  Our babies too have their own designated play area that has been carefully though out with soft lush grass area and easy access back to their rooms.

One of the purpose built play areas


Aerial View (Taken Pior to expansion)

To us outdoor play, exploration and learning are as important as indoor activities.  Outdoor play is experience daily, fresh air and exercise is an integral part of every child’s activities in the crèche.  Our gardens are also surrounded by woodlands and nature walk pathways.



Extra curricular activities offered to families include:

-“Stretch and Grow” classes for the (2-5 yr olds)

-“Gymboree” for the younger children (1-2 yr olds)