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Computer Science

Important Information: Computer Science Programme Delivery Update

Why Computer Science and why study at UCD? Computer Science is the study, design, development and evaluation of computer systems, software and algorithms. The course at UCD covers both theory and practice. Students learn how to develop algorithms (sequences of abstract instructions) to process information and solve computational problems. Working individually and in teams, students design and develop computer programs using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Computer Science with Data Science

Important Information: Computer Science Programme Delivery Update

If you have an interest in technology and trends, this degree could be for you. At its core, data science is about extracting insights from data that can transform the way a company operates. For example, understanding data can match millions of businesses with new customers around the world in the areas of advertising and e-commerce. Mining large-scale data sets based on our health can inform pharmaceutical companies when choosing new medicines to develop and capturing data streams from wearable devices can improve our understanding of our habits and routines.

Computer Science, Mathematics & Education

If you’re interested in mathematics and computer science, and think you might like to teach these subjects at post-primary level, then this course may be for you. It’s designed so that from the start, you study mathematics and computer science, along with education, in an integrated manner. In third year, you will gain teaching experience by completing placements (which we find for you) in a post-primary school and as a third-level tutor.

Introduction to Computer Science (Structured Elective)

There is a need for a greater level of digital literacy. This is becoming an important requirement in graduate-level jobs in many different fields and is also important for higher-level modules and postgraduate studies. This Structured Elective will give students a solid foundation in computer programming as well as a more specialised knowledge of some branch of Computer Science, eg Web design, database management, computer networking or more advanced programming.

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