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Page updated 1 February 2024

Dignity & Respect Annual Report 2022/23

The second Dignity and Respect Annual Report for 2022/23 provides an update on the work taking place in UCD in the area of dignity and respect. The report highlights activities towards fostering an inclusive and respectful culture in UCD and outlines progress through statistics and information on training, formal and informal complaints and anonymous reports. Notable achievements include:

  • The launch of a University-wide awareness campaign #NotInOurUCD
  • The launch of the face-to-face and online employee training 
  • The update of the Student Bystander training with dignity and respect elements
  • The establishment of Student Dignity and Respect Ambassadors

Read the 2022/23 report online

Download the Dignity and Respect Annual Report 2022-23 now (PDF.)

Dignity & Respect Annual Report 2021/22

This is the first time that UCD has published an annual report dedicated to Dignity and Respect. In 2020, the University carried out an extensive and wide-ranging review of the its approaches to dignity and respect which led to the development of a new Bullying and Harassment policy and Sexual Misconduct policy and the implementation of a broad set of recommendations A huge amount of work has been undertaken over the last year to deliver on these implementation of these recommendations and this report highlights these activities and our progress to date. Some notable achievements include: 

  1. Establishment and embedding of a new D&R Support Service 
  2. Establishment of a Dignity and Respect Oversight Group 
  3. Building partnerships with external expert groups 
  4. Developing and rolling out face-to-face disclosure training to key roles such as people managers and online training and awareness to all members of the University community
  5. Increasing awareness through on-going communications campaigns 
  6. Building data collection and monitoring systems to enhance transparency and trust

Read the 2021/22 report online

Download the Dignity & Respect Annual Report 2022 now (PDF.)

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