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UCD's Supplier Payments System

UCD's Supplier Payments System

UCD operates an electronic purchase order system called eProcurement. Through this system, purchase order numbers are issued to suppliers to confirm orders for goods or services placed by the University.

All invoices submitted to UCD must detail a valid UCD purchase order number which will be provided by a UCD Buyer on placement of the order. On satisfactory receipt of the relevant goods/services supplier payments are made by credit transfer and a remittance advice issued.

Order numbers and related invoices can be tracked through to payment via UCD’s Supplier-Self-Service.

Following the process detailed below will ensure that your invoice is paid within 15-30 days.

• Ensure the UCD Purchase Order Number provided to you is detailed clearly on your invoice.

• Submit your invoice to (opens in a new window)invoices@ucd.ie or post to the address detailed below.

• Ensure that tax clearance is in place for the VAT number (or other tax reference number) on your invoice.

• Follow your invoice through to payment via (opens in a new window)Supplier Self-Service.

UCD pays its suppliers on a weekly basis and works closely with its suppliers to ensure they are paid on time and that outstanding queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Purchase Order Numbers

All invoices submitted to UCD should detail a valid UCD purchase order number which will have been provided to you in pdf format by a UCD buyer. Invoices submitted without a valid P.O. will not be processed for payment. If you do not have a Purchase Order Number, do not send your invoice to UCD. 

Invoice address

Supplier invoices should be sent either by email to (opens in a new window)invoices@ucd.ie or by post to the following address:

University College Dublin
The Payments Manager
Finance Office
Tierney Building
Dublin 4

Supplier invoices should never be sent to any address outside the Finance Office or to any other email address. 

Tax Clearance

All suppliers (both domestic and international) providing or likely to provide goods or services to a value in excess of €10,000 (including VAT) in any twelve month period must provide Revenue tax clearance.  Invoices cannot be paid where suppliers do not have tax clearance in place.

Tax treatment of certain payments

• Invoices for consultancy and other professional services along with related expenses will be subject to withholding tax (Professional Services Withholding Tax) of 20%

• Construction and repair related invoices will be subject to RCT (Relevant Contracts Tax). All RCT invoices submitted by suppliers must detail their Revenue C.I.D. (Contract Identity Number ) and the UCD purchase order number

• Invoices for teaching, administration, research and other work normally paid through payroll under deduction of PAYE will not be processed by the Payments Office 

Follow your invoice through to payment

You can follow your purchase order and invoice through to payment by registering for (opens in a new window)Supplier Self Service.

UCD Finance Office

1st Floor Tierney Building University College Dublin Belfield Dublin 4 Ireland
T: +353 1 716 7777