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Managing your research Account

Managing your Research Account 

Invoices/Expenses charged to Research Accounts

Expenditure incurred on research accounts should be processed through eProcurement.

If in doubt about the eligibility of any item of expenditure on a project please refer in the first instance to the terms and conditions of the award. Further advice may be sought from the (opens in a new window)Research Finance Office.

Transfers Between Accounts

Requests to transfer items between research accounts should be submitted via email to (opens in a new window)rfo@ucd.ie detailing the accounts to be debited/credited and the justification for the transfer.  

Income for research accounts

Income from funding agencies will normally be received by direct credit transfer to UCD's main bank account. Funds are then credited to the relevant research accounts. Funding agency cheques should be made payable to University College Dublin and will be lodged by the Finance Office and credited to the appropriate research accounts.

Certain funding agencies require invoices to be raised before payment can be made. If an invoice is required please forward your request to the (opens in a new window)Research Finance Office. Schools/Units should not issue their own invoices. 

Contract extension

If additional income for a project is granted please contact the (opens in a new window)Grant Registration Team

Closing a research account

Once a research project has been completed, all reporting requirements met and all funding received then the relevant research account should be closed. The (opens in a new window)Research Finance Office will contact the Principal Investigator when closing an account. Researchers otherwise seeking to close a research account should contact this office for assistance. Further details regarding the procedure to close a research project can be found in the Research Procedures Guide.

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