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Scholarship set-up

Scholarship set-up 

Scholarship qualification

To receive a scholarship on a tax-free basis, a student must:

Be in full-time education as a registered student of UCD.

Undertake study on his/her research project solely for the promotion of his/her own education and not for the promotion of research or the sponsor.

Not engage in employment (other than part-time work) for his/her sponsor or the University.

As part of the scholarship set-up process, the PI/Supervisor and scholar must make a Revenue declaration confirming compliance with Revenue's scholarship regulations. 


Payments of scholarships are made by credit transfer at the end of each month. 

Scholarship Set-Up Process

Start the process to set up a new scholarship through InfoHub. 

Stage 1

The PI/Supervisor sets up the scholarship via an online scholarship form which is accessed through the above link or through Infohub Tasks (Scholarship Request tab).  

PI Scholarship Information Document.doc

If there is an issue with either the budget or the registration status of the scholar, the online system will not allow progression of the form. Please contact (opens in a new window)rfo@ucd.ie in the event that you cannot process your scholarship. 

Stage 2

On completion of Stage 1 by the PI/Supervisor, the student receives an email confirming the set-up the scholarship with a request to provide their bank details (if not already in place) and confirm the Revenue Scholarship Declaration. The student can access his/her bank account details via SISWeb through Campus and My Electronic Payments. Details of scholarship payments made to the student are shown in this section.

Student Scholarship Information Document.doc 

Stage 3

Once the budgetary, registration and Revenue declaration checks are completed satisfactorily, the scholarship will be included in the monthly scholarship payment run made by the Bursar's Office. Scholarship requests should be submitted by the 15th of each month to ensure payment by month-end. Requests submitted after this date are not paid until the end of the following month.

Scholarship Amendments

If you wish to change the funding source, the amount or the duration of an existing scholarship, you will need to cancel the existing scholarship and create a new online scholarship.

Please email (opens in a new window)rfo@ucd.ie with the student name, student number and end date of the scholarship to allow termination of a current scholarship. 

Scholarship Terminations

In the event that a scholarship needs to be terminated due to the early departure of the student or for some other reason, the (opens in a new window)Research Finance Office should be contacted as soon as possible to ensure payments are cancelled. Scholarship payments continue until the end of the scholarship period unless the Research Finance Office is advised that a scholarship should be cancelled.  

Revenue Declaration and Return

The Revenue declarations are an extremely important part of this process and must only be given in respect of qualifying scholarships. Scholarships cannot be given as remuneration for work undertaken and can only be provided to support the full-time education of the student. If you have any doubt about the qualification of a scholarship for tax-exempt status, contact the (opens in a new window)Research Finance Office before starting the set-up process. It is an offence to make a false declaration to obtain a tax exemption and it can have tax conquences for both the student and for the University.

The University is required to make an annual return to Revenue of all scholarship payments made during the year. 

Definition of Terms

Funding Agency: The body funding the research project. In the case of a cost centre, the relevant school will be the funding agency.
Start date: The day the scholarship commences.
End date: The last date for which the scholar should be paid.

UCD Finance Office

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