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Finance Documents and Report Packs

Finance Documents and Report Packs

Finance Documents and Report Packs published by the Financial Planning and Management Accounting section are published in InfoHub, under the (opens in a new window)Finance / Finance Documents menu. Access is restricted to Heads of Unit and nominated individuals only as the documents may be sensitive or contain personal information. Heads or Finance Managers may use (opens in a new window)this form to request or remove access for others. The Finance Documents InfoHub site contains 3 sections:

  • Financial Reporting Packs. Standard report packs - Census Packs and Quarterly Management Accounts Packs - will be published in this section. Heads will be notified when documents are published following a census or quarter-end.
  • Miscellaneous Documents. Other financial documents - not part of standard report packs - may be published here from time to time.
  • Planning Documents. Documents supporting the annual planning cycle were published here.  Further information regarding the Planning process and documents are available here.

Report Packs

Census Packs

Census Packs for Schools and Colleges are published shortly after each census date, once adjustments and the attribution of fee scholarships and commission has been applied using the student information provided by the census. The packs provide further information to complement the summary information published via (opens in a new window)InfoHub Fee Income reports. Further information about the census packs is available here.

Quarterly Management Accounts Pack

The Outturns are the Quarterly Management Accounts of the university. They report actual income and expenditure to date and the forecasted year-end position. Outturns are prepared for the university, for each college and school and for each support unit. The Outturns are prepared at the end of Quarter 1 (December), Quarter 2 (March), Quarter 3 (June) and the Final Outturn is prepared after the year end (September). Outturn reports are available in (opens in a new window)InfoHub and additional information is also published as the Quarterly Management Accounts Pack.

The pack contains:

  • Management Accounts and Reserves
  • Student and Fee Income Overview (as per the Census Pack)
  • Student and Fee Income by Major (as per the Census Pack)
  • Staff Listing. Listing of Staff Costs for the Year to Date plus the 5 Year Plan approved for this year (ie 5 Year Plan prepared last year).

UCD Finance Office

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