First International Symposium on Emerging Engineering Education

The first International Symposium on Emerging Engineering Education was held in Tianjin University, China, on Monday April 9th. Sponsored by the Department of Higher Education and Ministry of Education, the theme of the symposium was, 'The Emerging Engineering Education Embracing the New Industrial Revolution'. 

Over 150 representatives from 60 renowned engineering universities and leading companies from around the world attended, and delegates discussed in depth the reform and development of higher engineering education, and jointly researched new ideas and models for excellent engineering talents facing the new industrial revolution. The 'Initiative on the Establishment of a New International League for Engineering Education' was formed and signed at the conference.

Principal of the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture, Professor David FitzPatrick, delivered a presentation entitled, 'Designing Engineering Programmes for 21st Century Graduates - a European Experience'. Speaking about the symposium, Professor FitzPatrick said, “The opportunity to meet and exchange experience and approaches to engineering education with like-minded leaders of engineering programmes from around the world do not arise very often. In facilitating this symposium, TJU have initiated a forum that will enable the participants to continue the process of mutual learning and lead to increased levels of collaboration between engineering education programmes in China and the rest of the world. As Dean of the largest Engineering programme in Ireland, I look forward to the Irish perspective playing a strong role in these future developments.”