Launch of new international colleges in China

Following the approval of two new international colleges in China in April 2020, UCD is pleased to confirm that Chang’an-Dublin International College of Transportation (CDIC) at Chang'an University and Guangzhou-Dublin International College of Life Sciences and Technology (GDIC) at South China Agricultural University admitted their first cohorts of students in September.
International Dean for China, Associate Professor Paul Fanning, who serves as Provost of UCD's three international colleges in that country, has worked over the summer with UCD Schools and with colleagues at Chang'an University and South China Agricultural University to make this a reality. 
At this stage, over 2000 students are enrolled across the three international colleges, with 165 in GDIC, 582 in CDIC (of which 349 are new entrants this year) and almost 1350 in the Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) at Beijing University of Technology. 
Although international travel to and from China is currently restricted, Gavin Chaw (China Director, UCD Global - based in the UCD Global Centre in Beijing) was pleased to represent UCD at local events marking the inauguration of the two new Colleges in Xi'an and Guangzhou.