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School of History Late Submission of Coursework Form

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Undergraduate Late Submission of Coursework

The university expects that coursework will be submitted on time as this develops the important skill of planning work and completing it to a deadline. However, the university also recognises that, on occasion and due to circumstances beyond control, this may not be possible. 

Coursework can be submitted up to 10 working days past the due date but penalties apply unless you have approved late submission via the School Office. Please complete the form below for the Extension Committee to review your application.

Where more complicated issues or issues that persist over a period longer than 10 working days are involved, the Extenuating Circumstances policy applies. Where more than 10 working days are necessary, the student should be directed to make a formal extenuating circumstances application via the College Office.

 The Extension Committee will not normally accept requests:
• without accompanying documentation;
• based on work commitments outside UCD;
• based on the cumulation of deadlines for UCD academic work.

All documentation and requests will be dealt with in strictest confidence. Examples include: medical certificate; letter from a Student Adviser; RIP notification. 

Students will usually receive a response within 48-72 hours during working hours (Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00 except Bank Holidays).

Please do not email School Office / Module Coordinator / Tutor unless it has been over 72 hours working hours since you submitted your application, as this will slow down the response time. 

Please DO NOT submit multiple extension requests, unless they are for different modules, as this will slow down the response time. 

The UCD Student Desk Connector GDPR information page contains further information on how we gather, store and process your data.