Dr Edward Coleman hosts a conference on the History of the Senses

Dr Edward Coleman, in collaboration with colleagues from Trinity College Dublin and the Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Ireland,  hosted an international conference entitled ‘The Senses in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Hearing and Auditory Perception’ online via Zoom on 22–24 April  &  29 April–1 May. https://fmrsi.wordpress.com/12432-2/

The conference – the second in a series devoted to the five senses – was addressed by 32 speakers from Ireland , the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Israel. The event was supported by UCD seed funding. The History of the Senses is a rapidly expanding field of research. Preoccupation with the human senses and with divine control over them is evident in a range of narrative texts, scientific treatises, creative literature, as well as the visual arts and music from the pre-modern period.

Dr Coleman, together with Dr Ann Buckley, is editing the proceedings of the first conference in the series, ‘Sight and Visual Perception’, and Brepols will publish the volume later this year.