Dr. Lindy Brady awarded fellowship at CAS, University of Tübingen 

Dr. Lindy Brady, Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow in the School of History, has been awarded a Resident Fellowship in the Centre for Advanced Studies research cluster on ‘Migration and Mobility in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages’ at the University of Tübingen during May 2022. Her fellowship project, ‘Involuntary Migration and Mobility: Hostages and Intellectual Exchange in the Early Medieval Northwest Atlantic Region’, forms a comprehensive examination of hostages and mobility in the early medieval period (broadly speaking, from the late ‘migration era’ through to the end of the Viking Age) and the transcultural connections that resulted from such moments of involuntary movement. Focusing on a series of case studies that appear as brief interludes embedded within longer chronicles or annals, this project will explore the ways in which forced mobility was perceived to have brought about networks of communication and intellectual exchange across the early medieval northwest Atlantic region. This project forms a preliminary study to Dr. Brady’s third monograph, tentatively entitled Accidental Travel: Communication and Exchange in the Early Middle Ages, which illuminate the transcultural networks of knowledge and communication forged by accidental (e.g. shipwrecks) and involuntary (e.g. slavery) movement in the northwest Atlantic region during the early medieval period.