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IT supports for online scheduled exams

Monday, 29 April, 2024

The following are IT supports for the online scheduled exams during the official end of trimester exam window. Educational Technology Services will offer assistance from 09.30 to 17.30, Monday 7 May through to Friday, 17 May.

IT Exam support process for Module Coordinators during the Exam Period:

  • Module Coordinator (or nominee) clicks on to the (opens in a new window)IT Support Hub
  • Module Coordinator (or nominee) creates a self service ticket using the category "Exam Support" which should only be used for an issue with a live exam.
  • This will move the query straight to the ETS (Educational Technologies Services, IT Services) call queue, where it will be addressed as a matter of priority for live exams. 
  • An auto response message will be issued to indicate that calls logged in this way will be handled as a matter of priority for live exams.
  • For exam support that does not relate to a live exam, support will be provided through our usual channels and in line with our usual service level agreement
  • The ETS team will be monitoring this call queue when online exams are running during the Exam Period, from 09.30 to 17:30, Monday through Friday, and will contact the MC during those times as a matter of priority to assist with the issue

IT Exam support process for Students during the Exam Period:

As with previous exam sessions, please note the following:

  • Students should be advised to contact their module coordinator if an issue arises.
  • Ensure students know how you would prefer they get in touch should the need arise and what type of queries can and cannot be addressed during the exam.
  • Students can be directed to the Assessment Exam Arrangements webpage for support information on how to prepare themselves for exams. 
  • You may have nominated a stand-in or have assistance planned for during the exam. In case you might suddenly be unavailable during the exam, ensure the stand-in has prior access to the module at least 24 hours before the exam ((opens in a new window)via the Module Access Management system). A reminder that any relevant contact information should be provided to students.
  • Please do not advise students to use the "Exam Support" category as this will not be visible to them. Students should contact you directly if they are having difficulties.

The following resources may be of assistance to you before and during the examination session:

UCD IT Services

Computer Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Contact us via the UCD IT Support Hub: www.ucd.ie/ithelp