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Curriculum Management & Reporting

We provide the following systems that support the work of UCD schools, colleges and UCD Registry to maintain the University curriculum.

UCD Course Search

The UCD Course Search is a search application which shows information on your programme area or the content of a specific module, either for the current academic year or, using the Archive, previous academic years. You can then print the details for that module in pdf format.

Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management is a set of tools available to staff of the university to maintain the structure of the UCD Curriculum. It holds information for the Programmes, Majors and modules that make up the curriculum structure. The information recorded in the curriculum management system is used to publish details of the curriculum in the Curriculum Browser and to build the structures to support the registration processes. Curriculum Management can be accessed via the Curriculum & Timetables section under the Students Tab in InfoHub

Module Access Management

Module Access Management enables a module coordinator to assign lecturers, tutors and administrative staff to their modules, for purposes such as access to class listings, entry and review of grades, and ability to view student feedback on the module. It is located via the Students tab in InfoHub.

Programme Register

The Programme Register, managed by UCD Academic Secretariat, is a complete list of the University’s programmes, both active and inactive. The Programme Register system allows for entry of all programme details, and also has a suite of reports providing information for both operational and management purposes. It is accessed via the Curriculum & Timetables menu under the Students Tab in InfoHub.

Student Feedback Survey Management

This service enables the gathering of information to support the module enhancement process from the results of student feedback surveys. It is available to all Module Coordinators and Heads of School under the Students tab in InfoHub . 

Timetable Management

The Central Management Information System (CMIS) is used to manage room allocations and generate UCD lecture schedules and assessments timetables. Using links to the Banner system, timetable information can then be made available to staff and students via their SISweb accounts. Access to CMIS is set up on the user's computer.

UCD IT Services

Computer Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Contact us via the UCD IT Support Hub: www.ucd.ie/ithelp