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Student Recruitment & Admissions

We provide the following systems and reporting that support Student Recruitment and Admissions in UCD.

Recruitment Event Management

Prospective students, applicants and incoming students may get invited to general or targeted events to help bring them through the recruitment process and ensure a high level of conversion at each stage. Some events may be recorded for communication or advertising purposes only but others may require a level of formal booking. The Event system provides a light-weight booking process for events (not involving money) which can be integrated into websites or portals. The system can also manage capacity and provides a mechanism to record attendance. If appropriate it can also add attendees to a specified email campaign. This service is located in the Unishare (CRM) module under the Systems tab in InfoHub.

Recruitment Enquiry Management

Enquiries from prospective students are received in a variety of methods – online, recruitment fairs, face-to-face or via telephone. This system, located in the Unishare (CRM) module under the Systems tab in InfoHub, ensures that all enquiries are responded to in the most efficient way possible and that the volume of enquiries is tracked both for each individual prospective student and overall in terms of trends

Adult Education and CPD Booking Management

This is an online system for booking on to Adult Education Courses, CPD Courses and Conferences, and can be found in the Booking Centre module under the Systems tab in InfoHub. Schools and units can publish a link on their website to their courses and events for delegates to sign up to and pay the fee online to book their place. Staff can manually book people on to the course or event. Class or attendee lists are provided and the income is automatically posted to the relevant cost centre in the University's finance system.

Recruitment Lead Management

Leads are generated from a variety of sources including recruitment fairs, websites and online marketing, and recruitment partners. This system, located in the Unishare (CRM) module under the Systems tab in InfoHub, ensures that all leads received are tracked and followed up in a consistent way.

Student Course Applications Management
  • Applicants can apply directly to UCD for a range of programmes including undergraduate, postgraduate and others. The UCD Applications system, located under the Students tab in InfoHub, enables potential applicants to create an account within the system if necessary, select programmes which are of interest, and then apply for these programmes. The system will allow for these applications to be processed through to acceptance.
  • A Garda Vetting system provides the ability to administer the information provided by applicants that have been accepted to their course and must participate in Garda vetting as part of their course or campus activities
  • The Veterinary Medicine Work experience system provides reports and the ability to administer work experience provided by applicants to Veterinary Medicine.
  • The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) system provides the ability to administer the information that is gathered from the student. The student is provided with an online application form on SISWeb. The information is then reported on and accessed by UCD schools and colleges.
Student Onboarding and Contact Relationship

Student Onboarding is provided by the Incoming Students portal within SISWeb. This facility is displayed only to Graduate and non-EU Undergraduate applicants with an offer or acceptance, and provides personalised information such as a checklist of important tasks before coming to UCD, information about their specific programme, and opportunities to connect with other students in their class or country.

Contact Relationship is maintained in two ways:

  1. A series of emails to prospective students following their offer to encourage them to accept the offer and to maintain engagement over the months leading until the start of their course. Some communications are automatic and others are individually sent by particular programmes or to particular cohorts.
  2. UniShare CRM is used to record all interaction with a given prospective student , including online, telephone or face-to-face. This is a single integrated solution which is used right through the student lifecycle.

Users should contact the UCD International Office for support.

US Financial Aid

The US Financial Aid system, located under the Applications tab in SISWeb, allows UCD students who are American or Canadian to enter applications for Federal aid and deals with the collection of necessary documentation and mandatory regulatory calculations that are associated with this process. 

Users should contact the UCD International Office for support.

Scholarship & Awards Management

Located under the Students tab in InfoHub, this comprises an online facility for students to apply for various scholarships and an administrative side which allows for scholarships and awards that are merit-based to be allocated to particular students. It also provides a mechanism for payment of students and emailing recipients. There is also a suite of reports which details recipients and payments for operational use and College level strategic use.

Agent Management

UCD has a number of agents in countries all over the world who manage applications for the University. The Agent Management system, located in the UCD Applications System under the Students tab in InfoHub, allows agents to keep track of all the applications under their remit and also add new applications on behalf of the applicant. It also allows the International Office to monitor the different agents that do business with UCD and their application numbers. There are also reports for agent use to give them a clear picture of their current applications, offers and acceptances.

Sponsor Portal

Students are often sponsored by third parties such as embassies, governments, and companies who cover students fees. The Sponsor Portal can be accessed through the UCD Global website.  It provides sponsors of international students with information on the academic progress of their students.


Rowan, UCD's Global Partnership Database hosted on InfoHub, integrates information from across UCD to provide a directory of strategic partners and an integrated profile for each. UCD staff can search for any university for information on our current engagement, and reports are also available by country and by college. For access, training and further information on Rowan, please contact (opens in a new window)global.partnerships@ucd.ie 

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