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The supported email platform for staff and students at UCD is Gmail, as part of the Google Workspace suite. 

Along with your secure UCD email account in Gmail, we provide mail merge and delegated email (by exception).

Shared Email: Collaborative Inbox

UCD IT Services also provides secure shared Collaborative Inboxes, for staff who require a shared email inbox. This uses the Google Groups interface, and lets staff manage shared inboxes without the IT security and data protection risks of sharing generic usernames or passwords for a Gmail account. Find out more:

InfoHub menu describing options available withinTargeted Communications

Bulk Email

UCD IT Services offers two tools for sending bulk email messages: Targeted Communications in InfoHub for internal communications and Mailjet for external marketing/communications (on request). Both of these tools comply with authentication requirements for bulk email, however users should be mindful of complying with (opens in a new window)anti-spam and deliverability best practices


Google Calendar is the supported online calendar at UCD for staff and students. Use calendar to keep your schedule up to date, indicate your working days, location and out-of-office time, check colleagues' schedules and more. It is integrated with Zoom so you can add meeting links and book DTEN rooms directly from Google Calendar.  

Video Conferencing

Your UCD Zoom account lets you set up event registration forms, share interactive whiteboards, assign break-out rooms and even create videos. What's more, our interactive DTEN screens facilitate dynamic Zoom Rooms hybrid meetings from locations across campus. Find out more below:

Instant Messaging

Google Chat is in the nine-dots drop-down menu at the top-right of your UCD Google applications. To keep your email and messaging in one place, you can set Gmail to display your Google Chat at the side of your inbox. Find out more below:

Both on-demand and live sessions are available image
View Digital Office webinars on Google Drive, Calendar and more
Both on-demand and live sessions are available
Support Hub Homepage

Further Support

The UCD IT Support Hub is where you can log a call with our UCD IT Helpdesk team, find an answer in our Knowledge Base of articles, or request an additional service or access.

UCD IT Services

Computer Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Contact us via the UCD IT Support Hub: www.ucd.ie/ithelp