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Guidelines for changes to the software setup of the IT Services managed PCs

Guidelines for changes to the software setup of the IT Services managed PCs

The following criteria are required for changes to the software setup of the IT Services managed PCs in the teaching labs and shared teaching spaces. This applies to both free and paid applications:

- The software is for the purposes of teaching and learning in UCD.

- The software is not suitable/available for deployment using the AppsAnywhere platform.

- The software has been purchased by the school/college/programme/unit or appropriate budget exists to allow the software application to be purchased.

- The software license allows for the software to be locally installed and it does not require administrator or root access to run.

- The software license has the appropriate concurrency levels in place, where required, a campus wide license or requires a licensing server.

- The software application must be a Windows based application, compatible with our existing IT environment and not presenting a security risk.

- In the case of additional driver requests, they need to be widely used and need to be supported on UCD hardware and software platforms.

- The software has the potential to be used by multiple courses and computer users.

- No other software is already available or provides similar functionality and could be used as an alternative (refer to the current (opens in a new window)Application Catalogue).

If there is still a request for the change to be added, the faculty or staff member should contact ITHelp for advice. The following deadlines ensure requests can be evaluated to be made available on the first class day of each semester:

Semester Deadline

Autumn Trimester   1st of June

Spring Trimester     1st of October

Summer Trimester  1st of February

Please note that this is dependent on technical feasibility, availability of software installation media and license and successful testing. The setup of the computers during the Academic term cannot be changed. IT Services reserves the right to decline software installation requests. Note: One-off installations are not supported. Laptop connections are available in most of the IT Services managed teaching labs and shared teaching spaces to allow for the use of unique software or hardware.

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