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peerScholar enables lecturers to set up a range of peer assessment activities for their students. It is integrated into Brightspace. peerScholar has a strong research basis being developed by faculty from the University of Toronto.

The peerScholar workflow consists of three steps: Create, Assess and Reflect. Each step supports the development of critical and creative thought, and expressive and receptive communication, while giving students a very clear sense of the quality of their own work. peerScholar offers three types of peer assessment:

  1. Classic - A typical individual peer-assessment assignment where individual students submit their work, assess each other and then receive and reflect on their feedback (with options to revise & resubmit their work)
  2. Case study - A lecturer can present existing cases for students to evaluate
  3. Group work - Students work together to create, assess and reflect on an activity . It includes Group Member Evaluation.


Peer assessment with peerScholar by Steve  Joordans UCD webinar 30 March 2022
Creating peerScholar activities in Brightspace by Steve  Joordans UCD webinar 6 April 2022

You can read more about peerScholar on their website. peerScholar status can be viewed here.

peerScholar online support:  https://support.peerscholar.com/hc/en-us

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