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Top security tips

 Password Security

  • Your UCD Connect Password should be unique and strong. Never share your University password with anyone, including members of IT Services.
  • Use a PassPHRASE rather than a PassWORD.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication on systems that support it.
  • Change your password immediately if you think your IT account is at risk. 

Secure your Devices and Information

  • Apply the latest operating system and application security updates when they are available. 
  • Use Sophos anti-virus software to protect all computers and devices. Sophos Intercept X for Windows and Mac computers is available for free. Staff can request Intercept X by going to the IT Support Hub and clicking on "Request Something", followed by "Computers and Software". Sophos also provides a free version for Android and Apple phones on their website
  • Encrypt your devicefiles and always send confidential information securely.  
  • Protect your device using a strong password or pin. Set your device to auto lock when inactive.  
  • Only download and install software or "Apps" from reputable sources that you trust. 
  • Use a trusted Wi-Fi such as UCD Eduroam or UCD's staff VPN (Staff Only) when working remotely.
  • Backup your files frequently to help protect information against accidental loss or ransomware.
  • Avoid saving confidential University information to a device including removable storage devices, such as USB keys. 

 Email Security

  • Beware of Phishing emails and Social Engineering scams. Always verify web links and never open unexpected attachments.
  • Use the official Gmail web and mobile app when accessing University email. Gmail's advanced malware and phishing protection features are bypassed when accessing University email using third party email clients or App's such as Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone Mail App, etc.  
  • Only use your UCD email address for University purposes. Use a personal email address when creating social, personal or domestic online accounts.
  • Run a Google Security check-up today to check recent account activity and find out who else has access to your University information
  • Do not automatically forward University emails to external email accounts. 
  • Encrypt confidential files before emailing them. Send the decryption password by separate means, either by text, in person or over the phone.  

How to report an incident

  • If you are concerned about an IT Security Incident, please contact the IT helpdesk by going to the  IT Support Hub or call ext 2700. 

UCD IT Services

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