Top security tips


PasswordPassword Security

  • Your UCD Connect Password should be unique and strong. Never share your University password with anyone, including members of IT Services.
  • Use a PassPHRASE rather than a PassWORD.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication on systems that support it.
  • Change your password immediately if you think your IT account is at risk. 

Laptop icon Secure your Devices and Information

  • Apply the latest operating system and application security updates when they are available. 
  • Use Sophos anti-virus software to protect all computers and devices. Download Sophos endpoint protection for Windows and Mac.
  • Encrypt your devicefiles and always send confidential information securely.  
  • Protect your device using a strong password or pin. Set your device to auto lock when inactive.  
  • Only download and install software or "Apps" from reputable sources that you trust. 
  • Use a trusted Wi-Fi such as UCD Eduroam or UCD's staff VPN (Staff Only) when working remotely.
  • Backup your files frequently to help protect information against accidental loss or ransomware.
  • Avoid saving confidential University information to a device including removable storage devices, such as USB keys. 

Gmail Icon Email Security

Telephone How to report an incident

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