Welcome to UCD!

This guide is designed to introduce the key IT services available at UCD. Technology can help make study easier and save time. UCD IT Services would like to wish you every success on your journey and invite you to Discover IT@UCD!

Tip: Before you arrive on campus download the free UCD Mobile app where you will find lots of useful information about Orientation. You will also find an interactive UCD map, access to your virtual learning environment Brightspace and library services, an events calendar, dining options and much more. Available for Apple and Android devices.

If you are a new student, check-out the Discover IT section in the 'Introduction to UCD' module when you first log into Brightspace, your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is designed to help you get started using IT@UCD.

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UCD Connect - your gateway to IT Services

UCD Connect provides access to all the central applications available such as Google Mail, Brightspace, Calendar/Timetable and Google Drive together with software applications and other services such as Office 365, your library account, online file storage, UCD noticeboard and news. Once you have wifi, UCD Connect is available 24/7 whether you are on or off campus.


UCD Connect portal

Your account at UCD

This is known as your Connect username and password and gives you access to a number of important services including your computer account, SISWeb for reports and personal information, your eLearning platform (Brightspace) and other UCD Connect applications helping you to study and stay organised wherever you are.  

Your user id is your CAO number. The password* is your date of birth.

(*if you have already created a SISWeb password, use that to log in).

You must change your password on your first login as your temporary password will expire. Use the Password Self Service tool in UCD Connect on the top right hand side of the menu to set a new stronger password (also available at https://selfpass.ucd.ie). 

Your email address and account will remain open for the duration of your studies in UCD.  Once you graduate, you will retain access to your email and associated Google applications including Google calendar and 75GB of  storage space through Google Drive.

Did you know at UCD you can access most online services on your mobile phone?

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Email at UCD

UCD email is provided in partnership with Google and provides each student with a personalised email address for the duration of your time here. Your UCD Connect account integrates with Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Workspace apps, all of which can be synced to smart phones for easy access.

Check your UCD Connect email regularly as it is the official channel through which administration related information is communicated to students. You will receive regular updates about registration, fees and exams, a bi-weekly student e-zine, information from your Students’ Union as well as academic information.

To access your email account go to UCD Connect and click on the mail icon.

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IT Services offer a range of academic software that can be accessed in a number of different ways.

AppsAnywhere allows you - as a registered student - to access a selection of the most popular academic software (such as SPSS and many more) without having to install the applications. Access this service from your own device through the AppsAnywhere icon in UCD Connect using your UCD Connect username and password.

Software Download provides access to applications that are licensed for local installation (Microsoft Office, SAS and many more). You can access this service in UCD Connect by clicking on the Software Download icon.

Some applications can also be installed on user devices and discounts are available.

Please also note information on our Supported operating systems.

Buying a new laptop? Have a look at our recommendations for buying a new laptop.

Interested in Microsoft Office 2016 training?

IT Services offer courses designed for first time users as well as those who need to reinforce their Microsoft Office skills. All of the courses are free. Access your free Online or Classroom course.


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Help & advice

IT support is available to all UCD staff and students. You can contact our IT Helpdesk at (01) 716 2700. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to avail of our face to face IT Centre services located in the Daedalus building.

Helpdesk & IT Centres

IT Support Hub

The IT Support Hub is where you can contact our IT Helpdesk and access IT support. It is a self service portal that enables you to log support incidents, communicate with us and request services. It also provides a searchable knowledge base of user friendly articles.

IT Support Hub

IT Facilities

IT Services have almost 500 open access PCs for staff and student usage across campus.

IT Facilities at UCD

Virtual Learning at UCD

Every student at UCD will have access to Brightspace, which is UCD's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Brightspace is an online platform that allows your lecturer to share learning materials, announcements, assessments such as quizzes, and collect assignments.  Brightspace also has additional features such as a plagiarism detection tool, online classroom facility and other collaborative tools.

Use your UCD Connect username and password to log in to Brightspace. The “Discover Brightspace" section that you see when you log in to Brightspace is a good source of support materials and videos. There is also additional support information available on our Knowledge Base.

Access to a Brightspace module takes affect 24 hours after completion of registration to the relevant module. If a module you are taking does not appear to be listed when you access Brightspace, please check with your lecturer in the first instance. 

In order to assist you with your learning, all UCD Students are now eligible for a Zoom Pro account. A Zoom Account will be allocated to you using your UCD Connect email account and will be available for you to use to attend online lectures or to meet up with your classmates virtually. Your Zoom account should be set up within 48 hours of you confirming your registration. To check your UCD Zoom account you can follow the instructions here. You can access Zoom classroom sessions within your Brightspace modules.

Keep you and your devices safe online

Protect your Password



Change your temporary password on your first login to UCD Connect.

UCD Passwords should be Unique, Strong and Never Shared

Protect your Account

Never use your UCD email address for social or personal websites or apps

Protect your Device

Apply software updates when they are due and install Anti-Virus software

Enable remote find and lock features

Protect your Information

Beware of Phishing, Encrypt your files and Backup frequently

Protect your online identity

Check your privacy setting and remember 'whatever you put online stays online forever'

Acceptable Use Policy and Device Protection Policy

You should read the Acceptable Use Policy and the new Device Protection Policy

IT Security begins with you

Wireless Services

Wireless access to the UCD network is available campus wide in all the main buildings and in the student residences.

There are two wireless networks you can avail of: UCD Wireless and eduroam (authenticated access).

Before connecting to the UCD wireless network on your laptop you will need to have the correct anti-virus and security software installed.

Check that your web browser options are not manually configured to use any other internet settings you may use elsewhere.

UCD Wireless eduroam

Download Our Apps

UCD Mobile is a free app which gives you really handy access to key online services.

Download this app before you arrive on campus - you can use the campus map feature to find your way around. If you have an iPhone - tap into use the 3D interactive view to find whatever building you are looking for. There's registration information on it, and you can look up library journals on the bus and check class notes and announcements. 

    ‌‌‌ucd mobile app        

Download UCD Mobile from Google Play or the App Store

Pulse is the mobile learning app offered by Brightspace available on IOS and Android devices.  It is a mobile app that helps students keep track of important updates. It brings news, deadlines, and grades together in one place so you can spend less time organizing and more time learning.

Available to download from Google Play and Apple AppStore.