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Science, technology and implementation in Irish and Japanese society

Science, technology and implementation in Irish and Japanese society

Successful funding applications include the EU (Erasmus+ICM) under the theme of One Health. Pioneering basic and applied STEM research (e.g. infectious disease, data science, laser/plasma physics) will be a key feature of this innovative model of Japanese Studies.

Advanced Laser Science

Launched by Profs. Gerry O’Sullivan (School of Physics) and Takeshi Higashiguchi (Utsunomiya University), research teams including Associate Prof. Emma Sokell have been collaborating for many years in the areas of Extreme Ultraviolet Source Development for Lithography, Surface Morphology and Water Window Imaging. The photo shows researchers from Utsunomiya University, the National Institute for Fusion Sciences, Toki, the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University and UCD who performed a series of experiments using all 12 beams of the Gekko XII at ILE Osaka to measure the conversion efficiency from laser energy to extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray radiation in a project to determine the feasibility of sources for nanolithography a wavelength of 6.7 nm for future generations of microchip fabrication.

One Health

Led by Prof. Stephen Gordon, research teams in UCD and Hokkaido University have been working closely in the areas of Zoonosis Control, with a particular focus on tuberculosis (TB). Our collaboration encompasses research and teaching, focused on the 'One Health' agenda that emphasises the links between human, animal and environmental health. Areas such as genomic analysis of pathogens and rapid diagnostic tests are some of our ongoing research projects.