Awards & Scholarships

Where Excellence is Celebrated

At UCD, excellence is rewarded and celebrated. The School, and the University, recognises and promotes outstanding performance in a range of areas, including academic achievement, sporting prowess, artistic merit and technical skill.

Our most recent innovation, the Ad Astra Academy, delivers a unique range of opportunities and supports to high-performing entrants in academia, athletics and performing arts. The School is very well represented amongst the Ad Astra Academy, and we encourage prospective students to consider the scheme as part of the application process to any of our five undergraduate programmes.

Awards, Medals and Scholarships

The University also offers a range of entry-level, applicant scholarships, which are awarded on the basis of outstanding performance in the leaving certificate examination. Similarly, exceptional academic performance is recognised throughout each stage of our five undergraduate programmes, in the form of annual programme scholarships.

Throughout all of our programmes, we award medals and certificates to recognise exceptional performance in specific subject areas. These awards and medals are hotly-contested and highly-prized. The honour-rolls that adorn the walls of UCD Health Science Centre include the names of many past winners who have gone on to achieve international recognition and commendation in the field of healthcare.