Ad Astra Academy

Ad Astra Academy

The UCD Ad Astra Academy, launched in 2011/12, delivers a unique range of opportunities and supports to high-performing entrants in academia, athletics and performing arts.

The scheme supports the development of students with elite potential, not just in the context of academic performance but also in sporting and cultural pursuits. This scheme demonstrates the School’s commitment to producing well-rounded, multi-talented doctors and healthcare practitioners; capable of achieving excellence in and outside of the classroom and clinical setting.

Students can apply to join the academy as a separate component to their normal CAO application, or may be considered on the basis of exceptional performance during their time at UCD.

Our Academic Programme

The UCD Ad Astra Academic scholarship programme is designed to help scholars to foster and develop their academic potential. Ad Astra Academic scholars benefit from individual mentoring, early access to advanced modules, fee remission, access to distinguished alumni and a range of other opportunities.

Candidates attaining 6 A1s (higher level) in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent (in line with general UCD admission policies) in a single sitting will be eligible to receive the UCD Ad Astra Academic scholarship.

Our Elite Athlete Programme

The UCD Ad Astra Elite Athlete Scholars is designed for students who wish to compete and succeed at the highest sporting levels while simultaneously attaining a degree in UCD.

The programme supports high calibre athletes striving for sporting and academic success to allow them to reach their maximum potential inside and outside the classroom. Benefits of the elite athlete programme include flexible programme entry, individual academic support and mentoring, elite strength and conditioning, sport science mentoring and a wide range of other opportunities.

The programme has been developed for students who are competing at the highest available level in their chosen sport and who have identifiable potential for further improvement. There are a limited number of places to be divided between all applicants. For more information on eligibility requirements, visit the Ad Astra Academy website.

Our Performing Arts Programme

UCD offers a range of exciting opportunities to young musicians and actors through the UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarship programme.

We believe that young vocalists, instrumentalists and actors who may have decided not to pursue a performance-related degree, but who have exceptional talent, should be given the opportunity to continue to train and perform at the highest level within the university environment.

In order to foster these talented young artists, UCD has created the UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarships.

Benefits include a scholarship bursary, individual academic support and mentoring, the opportunity (for music scholars) to join the award winning UCD Choral Society or Orchestral Society, the opportunity (for drama scholars) to work with a professional Director-in-Residence and to participate fully in UCD drama productions.

The applications process is highly competitive, and more information is available on the UCD Ad Astra Academy website.