Awards and Medals Radiography

Recognising Outstanding Achievement

Excellence and outstanding achievement is recognised and celebrated across all of our undergraduate programmes. Regardless of which programme you choose, the study and practice of healthcare is an intense, demanding and hugely rewarding experience.

That experience begins on your first day with us, and throughout your time at UCD we will encourage and support you to go the extra mile in pursuit of academic and technical excellence. Many of our awards and medals are named after distinguished graduates, generous donors or inspirational former teachers. Student awards, bestowed in their honour, demonstrate our history, heritage and ongoing commitment to excellence.

O'Farrell Medal

The O'Farrell medal is awarded to the candidate who, having passed the examination as a whole, achieves the highest mark for the project presented as part of the degree examination in Radiography.  This medal has been established in memory of the late Dr Denis O'Farrell, a radiologist at St Vincent's University Hospital who had a major role in initiating radiography education in Ireland. 

Honour Roll

2018/19  Niall Seymour
2017/18  Maria Malone
2016/17  Rachel Moyter
2015/16  Ciara Crofton
2014/15  Rebecca Dunne & Saundra O'Connor
2013/14  Anne McMenamin
2012/13  Niall Burke
2011/12  Michelle O'Connor
2010/11  Andrea Mylotte, Anna Roe
2009/10  Avril Egan
2008/09  Sarah Cronin
2007/08  Naomi Galvin
2006/07  Phillip Ryan

Philips Medal

This medal and prize, endowed by Philips Electronics Ireland Ltd., is awarded to the candidate who obtains overall first place in the final degree GPA which combines stages 3 and 4 of the Radiography programme, provided that an aggregate honours GPA greater than or equal to 3.4 is obtained.

Honour Roll

2018/19  Ciara McKeown
2017/18  Andrea Burke
2016/17  Alanna Barry
2015/16  Avril Lysaght
2014/15  Mary Jean Dore
2013/14  Anne McMenamin
2012/13  Niall Burke
2011/12  Orlaith Fitzgerald
2010/11  Eleanor Ryan 
2009/10  Joan Barber
2007/08  Sarah Ruddy
2006/07  Karen Purcell
2005/06  Yvonne Corrigan

Siemens Medal

This medal and prize is awarded to the candidate who, having passed the third year examinations as a whole, achieves the highest aggregate score for Technology of Radiography in the second and third year.

Honour Roll

 2018/19  Ciara Maguire
 2017/18  Gillian McDonald and Jill Creedon
 2016/17  Deirdre Egan and Aneesa Smith
 2015/16  Siobhan Killeen
 2014/15  Mary Jean Dore
 2013/14  Anne McMenamin
 2012/13  Ellen Cronin
 2011/12  Orlaith Fitzgerald
 2010/11  Adrienne Schofield
 2009/10  Breda Fenton
 2008/09  Mary Randles
 2007/08  Sarah Ruddy

MSc Ultrasound Awards

Honour Roll

MDI Ultrasound Award (MSc Ultrasound)

2018/19 Eimear Bourke 



GE Healthcare Awards (MSc Ultrasound)

This award was granted to the student who obtained the highest total marks on MSc Programme.  The award was discontinued in 2011/2012.

2010/11  Karen Purcell
2008/09  Caroline Gallagher
2007/08  Audrey Nagle
2006/07  Audrey Nagle

GE Healthcare Awards (MSc Computed Tomography)

This award is granted to the student who obtains the highest total marks on MSc Programme.

Honour Roll

 2018/19  Not Awarded 
 2017/18  Not Awarded 
 2016/17  Mohamad Khairul Bin Yusof 
 2015/16  Mohamad Khairul Bin Yusof
 2014/15  Carmel Harding
 2012/13  Siti Fatimmah Muhamad
 2010/11  Sayed Ahmed Abduljalil
 2008/09  Lynda Magee
 2007/08  Pamela Doyle
 2006/07  Pamela Doyle

GE Healthcare Awards (MSc MRI)

This award is granted to the student who obtains the highest total marks on MSc Programme.

Honour Roll

2018/19  Not Awarded
2017/18  Not Awarded
2016/17  Cabrina McKenna
2015/16  Joan Barber
2014/15  Ailbhe Doherty
2012/13  Sarah Ruddy
2010/11  Nollaig McCann
2009/10  Nollaig McCann
2008/09  Melanie Jackson
2007/08  Helena Frawley
2006/07  Helena Frawley

GE Award for Grad. Cert. Breast Imaging

This award is granted to the student who obtains the highest total marks on MSc Programme.

Honour Roll

 2010/11  Ciara Clewes
 2009/10  Louise Margaret Lefimil (nee McDermott)
 2008/09  Anne Leen

Olive Fleming Memorial Award

This medal is awarded by the Irish Institute of Radiography for the Best Practical Student in the graduating class of the BSc Radiography programme.

Olive Fleming was a stalwart committee member of the Irish branch of the Society of Radiographers, who was very active in organising Society meetings as well as the annual national conference.

Honour Roll

 2018/19  Katie Roche
 2017/18  Eimear Ryan
 2016/17  Tudor Varga 
 2015/16  Siobhán Killeen
 2014/15  David Levins
 2013/14  Michaela Oyuga
 2012/13  Eimear Bourke
 2011/12  Liam Downey & Sam Ethell
 2010/11  Shauna Murphy
 2009/10  Alison Murphy
 2008/09  Siobhan Stanbrook
 2007/08  Sarah Ruddy
 2006/07  Louise Pearman

Kodak Award

The Kodak Ireland MSc Award was offered to a student proceeding from a Higher Diploma in Diagnostic Imaging to a Second Year MSc (Radiography) programme who was recognised to have submitted the best thesis proposal.  This prize was discontinued in 2007/2008.

Honour Roll

2007/08  Audrey Nagle
2006/07  Audrey Nagle

Kate Matthews Award

The Kate Matthews research medal is awarded annually for the best original article accepted for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal arising from a Stage 4 radiography project. The publication must be accepted within 18 months of graduation.  The Medal is awarded in appreciation of the efforts by current staff member and former Head of Section, Kate Matthews to promote increased research activity within the Diagnostic Imaging Section.

Honour Roll

 2017/18  Nicola Cleary & Ciara Crofton  (ex-aequo)
 2016/17  Not Awarded 
 2015/16  James Harding 
 2014/15  Not Awarded 
 2013/14  Niall Burke
 2012/13  Michelle O'Connor
 2011/12  Not Awarded 
 2010/11  Brendan Kelly
 2009/10  Catherine Kinsella
 2008/09  Stephan McNulty
 2007/08  Louise Pearman
 2006/07  Cherrie Wade

Deirdre Conroy Memorial Award

This medal was established by the Diagnostic Imaging programme, in memory of the late Deirdre Conroy. Deirdre was a stage 3 Radiography student, a talented and enthusiastic member of the UCD Kayaking Club and a leading student representative for her fellow stage 3 Radiography students and the Erasmus Radiography Programme.

The medal is awarded for the best presentation by a radiography student following their visit to a foreign country under the Erasmus scheme.

Honour Roll

 2018/19  Rebekah Daly
 2017/18  Killian Lavelle and Ciara Skleton
 2016/17  Amy Duggan
 2015/16  Caitríona Ní Chathasaigh
 2014/15  Sarah Drew
 2013/14  James Harding
 2012/13  Kelly Foley-Friel
 2011/12  Marcus Traynor
 2010/11  Eleanor Ryan
 2009/10  Jamie Doran
 2008/09  Mary Randles