Students of the Year

Each year the final year students from our undergraduate programmes nominate their colleagues for the Student of the Year Award.  The Awards are presented at the Annual Medicine Gala Dinner.

Students are nominated based on their integrity and strength of character, their academic achievement and their overall contribution to the social, cultural and sporting life of the class and of the college.

BHLS Student of the Year Award

Honour Roll

2018/19 Phoebe Ting
2017/18 Jeremiah Nolan & Roslyn Colgan
2016/17 Eoin Collins
2015/16 Caoimhe Kirby
2011/12 Sarah Lyster
2010/11 Robert Maughan

Medicine Student of the Year

Honour Roll

 2018/19  Aiswarya Ajith
 2017/18  Patrick Short
 2016/17  Aoife McEvoy
 2015/16  Catherine (Kate) Murphy
 2011/12  Lorraine Murray
 2010/11  Susan McAnallen
 2009/10  Joseph McGrane
 2008/09  Prateek Shukla
 2007/08  Niamh McGrath
 2006/07  Wen Yuan Chung


Physiology Student of the Year

2018/19 Celine Camon
2017/18 Amy Hassett
2016/17 Nicola Roe

Radiography Student of the Year

2018/19 Deborah Miley
2017/18 Teresa Kilcoyne
2016/17 Alanna Barry