Student Support

A Supporting, Student-Centred Environment

The School of Medicine provides students with a multi-faceted support network on a range of issues, including academic, pastoral, personal and practical matters. Below is a list of those supports, and details of how to ask for help or advice. Please don't hesitate to ask for help or advice!

Academic Support

Academic Support

Module co-ordinators, stage co-ordinators, Programme Chairs as well as Associate Deans and the Dean of Medicine strive to provide first class support to you. If you are facing problems or difficulties at any stage of your time with us, please don't hesitate to ask for help.

Module Co-ordinators

Module co-ordinators can provide you with information and advice on a particular module. If you have concerns relating to a module, then your first point of contact should be with that co-ordinator for that module. You should also contact the module co-ordinator if you miss an exam or an assignment and/or intend to file an extenuating circumstances application.

Programme & Stage Co-ordinators

Programme & Stage Co-ordinators can support students in providing feedback to the School and assist students on a number of Academic and pastoral matters.

Undergraduate Medicine: Stage Co-ordinators

Stage 1:

Dr. Patrick Felle

Room C208 Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6634


Stages 2:

Dr. Stuart Bund

Phone: 01 716 6623


Stage 3:

Dr. Helen Gallagher

Conway Institute

Phone: 01 716 6726


Stage 4:

Dr. Nazia Faheem


Graduate Entry Medicine: Stage Co-ordinator

Professor James Jones

UCD Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6622



Radiography: Stage Co-ordinators

Stage 1:

Ms Marie-Louise Butler

A202 Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6529


Stage 2:

Mr John Stowe

Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6539


Stage 3:

Ms Marion Maher

A218a Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6542


Stage 4:

Ms Kate Matthews

A210 Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6528


Clinical Co-ordinator:

Ms Joanna Lowe

A221 Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 01 716 6543



Biomedical Health & Life Sciences: Co-ordinator

Prof. Bill Watson

Conway Institute

Phone: 01 716 6733



Peer Mentoring

Support Through the Early Stages

A peer mentor will be assigned to all first year students. Peer mentors have already completed the first year of their programme and your mentor will be available to you as a support throughout the year.

Their role is to help you settle into University and (s)he will be able to help you with any questions you may have about college life. During orientation week, your mentor will also act as your orientation guide.

For more information on the UCD peer mentor initiative, visit the main UCD site.

Student Desk

Help with Fees, Grants and Transcripts

The student desk is located in the Tierney Building and can help students with a number of queries, particularly with issues relating to fees, grants and academic transcripts. Students can access their transcripts online via SISWeb, or visit the student desk if hard copies are required. 

For more information, visit the main UCD student desk site.

Student Cards

Your Multi-Purpose Student Card

Your UCD student card is your official identification card for the duration of your programme in UCD. If you're a returning UCD student, you will not have to queue for a new card in September. The student card you receive in your first year is designed to last you for the duration of your time at UCD.

New students can obtain a UCARD from the UCARD Bureau in the James Joyce Library Building. You should also contact the UCARD Bureau if your card is lost or stolen.

To keep your card valid all you need to do is register online and pay the minimum amount of fees required to pay for the academic year. If you do not pay in time your card will be invalid and you will not, for example, be able to get into the library.

The UCARD also gives you access to a range of university facilities including:

  • Electronic payment for food in the Main Restaurant, laundry in Belgrove, and print, copy, and scanning with CopiPrint        
  • Access to UCD Residences and the Library
  • Identification at student desk & exam halls

For more information and FAQs on the UCARD, please visit the UCD UCard site.

Health and Counselling Service

High-quality, Student-focused Care

The Student Health Service, located on the first floor of the UCD Student Centre, provides on-campus medical, psychological and psychiatric care to registered UCD students. The service is provided with an ethos of respect, courtesy and integrity and operates to the highest professional standards.

The service is intended as an addition to the students’ own family doctor or specialist medical services. It operates within resource constraints so certain service limitations apply. Students should continue to attend their own General Practitioner (GP), especially if Dublin-based. Services are by appointment which can be made at (01) 7163133 / 3143. If you are acutely ill, there is a nurse-led emergency walk-in service throughout the day.

Confidential Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service, based within the Student Health Service, provides a free confidential counselling service to students of the University. Student difficulties can range from minor concerns and stresses to major life crises. Although in many cases students may find ways to deal with these issues themselves or with the support of friends and family, there are times when it is helpful to seek professional counselling. Counselling offers students the opportunity to get professional support, to make sense of their difficulties and to think about new ways of addressing them. Consultations are by appointment. 

For more information, visit the UCD Student Health Centre site.

International Office

Support for International Students

The UCD International Office offers a wide range of support services to both international students and to Irish students who wish to study abroad on exchange programmes.  International students make up 13% of the UCD population, which is represented by over 110 countries. Studying at UCD means joining a diverse student community!

To welcome International students to University College Dublin, the International Office holds a specialised International Student Welcome as part of Orientation Week, which includes a special welcome reception for all international students.

The International Office also publishes the annual ‘International Student Handbook’, which gives students information that will prepare them for their studies and life in Ireland. They also support students in obtaining visas and funding for their programme at UCD.

UCD Global Lounge

The International Office has recently opened new offices on campus on the lower ground floor of the UCD Restaurant Building, delivering a suite of resources and support services for both international students coming to UCD and for UCD students wishing to study or volunteer abroad. The new UCD Global Lounge, located adjacent to the offices, is a friendly and relaxed social space for students, and acts as a dedicated venue for seminars, receptions, talks and other international events.

For more information, vist the UCD International Office website.

Disability Support Service

Support for Students with Disabilities

UCD Disability Support Service (DSS) provides support for students with disabilities. UCD DSS assists students in many different ways, from academic support to assistance with exams and events.  Registration with DSS is confidential. Students must provide a letter from a medical consultant or submit an educational psychologist’s report (no more than 3 years old). Following completion of that process, a member of the DSS team meets with the student to develop and implement an individual learning plan.  

For more information, visit the UCD Access Centre site.

Maths Support Centre

Free, Drop-in Support Service

The Mathematics Support Centre (MSC) is an informal drop-in centre, available as a free service to all UCD students. The MSC aims to enhance your knowledge of Mathematics. Whether you're feeling totally lost, or just want to shoot for a higher grade, the MSC is the place to go for help and support.

The MSC is staffed by dedicated experienced tutors who can offer individual support in mathematics, statistics or any subject such as mathematical physics, economics or architecture.

The MSC is especially committed to supporting and guiding first year students who may be struggling with university level maths. 

For more information, please visit the UCD Maths Support Centre site.


On-campus Services & Subsidies

The newly refurbished crèche caters for over 60 children. For enquiries, please contact:

Centre Manager: Jennifer Kinsella


T: 00 353 1 2695143

Childcare Subsidy

There is a Childcare Subsidy available. This can be applied for by contacting Student Adviser Anna Farrell on 01 716 6497. Each case is taken on its own individual merit and is means tested.

For more information, support and resources, please contact: