View Artist-in-Residence, Navin Hyder’s ART OF SURGERY display on external walls of Whitty Building at Mater Hospital

Navin Hyder has been Artist-in-Residence at the Mater Hospital for the last two years, during which time she has captured through her digital drawings in real-time, the intimate ‘shared space’ of the operating theatre and the skill, dedication, and care shown by the staff towards their patients.

A selection of these drawings, which complement and contextualise Navin’s work, are now in the form of large visual displays which have been hung along the main Mater Hospital entrance in the Whitty Wing, North Circular Road, D1 and so they can be viewed and enjoyed by both the public and the hospital community over the coming weeks.

Many of the surgeons pictured have appointments at UCD School of Medicine and teach UCD Medicine students as they rotate through the Mater Hospital or are employed as surgical researchers on UCD related projects at the Mater. These include Prof Ronan Cahill (Prof of Surgery, Mater Hospital and UCD) Mr Faraz Khan (Specialist Registrar, GI Surgery), Ms Ann Brannigan (Consultant in Colorectal Surgery), Ms Deidre Nally (Specialist Registrar, GI Surgery), Ms Shirley Potter (Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon), Mr Niall McInerney (Surgical SHO), Mr Jeffrey Dalli (General Surgeon, Surgical Research Fellow at UCD Centre for Precision Surgery) and Mr Niall Hardy (PhD Candidate in Translational Medicine, UCD & Specialist Registrar General Surgery)

The Artist-in-Residence programme is a collaboration between Mater Transformation, Mater Hospital Department of Surgery, Mater Hospital Clinical Photography Department and UCD School of Medicine

Please see more information on UCD Centre for Precision Surgery HERE