HRB, UCD, Mater Hospital and SVUH make investment of over €4 million into clinical trials infrastructure in Ireland East Hosp Group

Thousands more patients across IEHG to have access to trials which examine novel cancer drugs

(20th Dec 2021) In recognition that the cancer clinical trials units at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) and St Vincent’s Hospitals (SVUH) are the most active centres in Ireland for making clinical trial options available for people with cancer, an investment of over €4m was announced today. This investment will enable the enrolment of even more patients to high quality cancer clinical trials in the Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) which is Ireland’s largest hospital group, comprising 11 hospitals and spanning eight counties with a catchment of over one million people

Between 2017-2020 MMUH/SVUH opened 72 interventional trials and eight Translational studies accruing 229 and 288 patients respectively. MMUH/ SVUH investigators have led almost 40% of all Cancer Trials Ireland studies between 2016 to 2000 and since their establishment the individual trials units at MMUH and SVUH have consistently been the highest accruing cancer trials centres in Ireland.

Speaking about this latest investment of over €4 million into expanding the clinical trials infrastructure in the IEHG, Prof Cathy Kelly, UCD Clinical Professor and Consultant Medical Oncologist, MMUH, who will lead the investment said ‘In IEHG, we have the critical population mass and expertise that provides the capability to deliver an extensive portfolio of cancer trials spanning Phase I to IV targeting common and rarer tumour types, encompassing investigator-initiated, collaborative group and industry studies. IEHG cluster has the skills mix to attract, run and deliver high quality trials through our dedicated cancer specialists, experienced research nurses, data managers, administrators, research assistants, clinical fellows, trials pharmacists and operations managers.’

‘Our highly trained, internationally established, cancer doctors and researchers will work together to attract and deliver important cancer trials to Ireland and to develop clinical trials using our own expertise. For patients with difficult-to treat cancers, rarer cancers, or those with limited options, we also hope to develop a Phase I unit that will do very early testing of new drugs; this highly specialised unit will be developed by highly experienced oncologists within the cluster’ continued Prof Kelly.


In summary this investment of over €4m into developing the clinical trials infrastructure, will enable IEHG to deliver the following;  

(1) Closer alignment between the two cancer trials units at MMUH and SVUH and UCD CRC (Clinical Research Centre)

(2) Increased engagement through shared training and education opportunities, in addition to career development and progression for research team

(3) Development of integrated data management, financial systems and shared IT systems which will lead to improved accuracy and rapid generation of data required by sponsors when selecting centres to open studies

(4) Ensuring efficient, timely regulatory and ethics processes aligned with national and EU directives

(5) Utilization of the HRB clinical trial resources to develop investigator-initiated studies

(6) Development of early phase trial capacity building on existing resources and skills within UCD School of Medicine (host institution)


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