UCD Ultrasound First

UCD Ultrasound First

Publication date: 28th January 2021

Congratulations to the Ultrasound team in Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging Section of the School of Medicine on the successful accreditation of both the MSc Ultrasound programme, led by Ms Therese Herlihy, and the Graduate Certificate in Fertility Ultrasound, led by Ms Ann Fleming.

Both have been accredited by the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE) for a period of five years with effect from July 2019. CASE is an organisation which traditionally accredits sonographic courses delivered within the UK and this is the first time courses from outside the UK have been accredited. CASE works closely with universities and other higher-education institutions to ensure the highest standards in ultrasound education are met. The UCD programmes went through a rigorous review process with CASE reviewers recognising that both programmes commanded significant respect across clinical departments and among students in how well they students for national practice.

The CASE team commended the excellent processes in place between hospitals to facilitate student engagement with a wide range of clinical areas. They also noted that the UCD ultrasound staff are all well respected clinicians within the ultrasound departments. Congratulations to the key ultrasound staff involved; Ms. Therese Herlihy, Dr Mary Moran, Mr. Kevin Cronin, Ms. Ann Fleming, Dr Marie Stanton, and Dr Marie-Louise Ryan, together with the administration team, led by Ms. Anna Matuszak, and Associate Prof. Shane Foley, Head of Subject for Radiography, who contributed to the accreditation process. The ultrasound team would like to thank the clinical sites and staff who continue to provide invaluable support to make the courses a success year on year.

Speaking about the successful accreditation, Associate Professor Jonathan McNulty, Associate Dean for Graduate Taught Studies, UCD School of Medicine said “The MSc Ultrasound and Graduate Certificate in Fertility Ultrasound programmes are among 20 postgraduate programmes offered by the Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging Section of the School of Medicine, the only Irish provider of accredited postgraduate specialist medical imaging programmes. The wider School also continues to offer a wide range of high-quality specialist postgraduate programmes, many of which are accredited by national or international professional bodies. This accreditation recognises the high standards of our postgraduate programmes which aim to meet current and future clinical and professional needs by ensuring the knowledge, skills, and competences of graduates match the needs of our health system. The School would like to take this opportunity to recognise the work that has gone into this accreditation with CASE.”

For further information on Postgraduate Radiography & DI Programmes, please see https://www.ucd.ie/medicine/studywithus/postgraduates/radiographydiagnosticimaging/